My new look.

So about two weeks ago we moved into this new blog design. At the time, my designer wasn’t really open for business. Don’t get me wrong, she was doing business all over the place, but as far as plugging herself all over the World Wide Web? Not so much.

So here is Caroline, of Caroline B Designs. She’s fresh, she’s brilliant, and she recently redid Sue’s blog over at Navel Gazing. This is an incredible feat since Navel Gazing has been under construction for the past seventeen years. Seriously, it’s a relief to see something that doesn’t involve cows or clouds. Go Caroline.

Check her out, and give her a shot. And in case you haven’t heard, not only is she one of the giant brains behind Mormon Mommy Blogs, she’s also running the Casual Blogger Conference happening this Memorial Day Weekend here in Utah. The conference is going to rock (did I mention that I’m speaking?). It’s designed for the mommy blogger, the girl who wants to learn just a little more about photography, or writing, or enhancing her personal blog design.

The thing about the CBC that really sets it apart is simple: it’s not about being a high-rolling professional blogger, it’s about connecting with all those other moms who share their hopes and dreams–both private and public–in the blogosphere. It’s about taking our hobbies and dreams to the next level, thanks to this crazy little thing we call a blog.

And the best part? It’s actually affordable. I think this is the reason I’m such a big fan of the CBC, because instead of forking over $300 or so dollars for a conference, they’re making it something mommies without monies can afford. For the day pass at the early bird price, it’s only $99–not to mention the hefty swag bag awarded to the first 100 registrees (still some left…). That’s an incredible deal, especially considering the amazing voices that are going to be teaching, (including CJane, Sue, Kristina, and my favorite photographer, Veronica Reeve, just to name a few).

And in case you’re looking for a place to crash, my house is open. Check it out, it’ll be the best extended GNO you’ve ever experienced.


  1. I do love the new look. And the CBC will be so fun!

  2. I didn’t realize she was the one who did your layout. I love it. And Sue’s. Though I kinda miss the drop of blood.

    I want to go to the CBC, but I’m not sure how plausible it is. I’d have to get babysitters all day (no fam in the area) and would have to bring a little 3 month old with me. I think I want to go to the Friday night thing, but haven’t got a ticket yet……suppose I should hop over……


    But also, I love Caroline. She’s a GENIUS. I should go pimp her out some more. In fact, I think I will.

    I’m excited for CBC too. 🙂

  4. Love the new design. I came over from my reader just to see it. Caroline is multi-talented. And your photographer?… I don’t know her, but since her name is Veronica she HAS to be cool.

  5. Love both the designs here and over at Sues. And I’m looking forward to CBC oh yes I am.

  6. I think your design is great! I’m way excited to know you’re speaking at the CBC! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it but I’m doing my best. =]

  7. Okay, I am giggling at myself because I read your post, I saw the word pornography instead of photography, and thought WTC?

    Ah…..slow down M and READ CAREFULLY!

    So if I can’t come to the conference can I still crash at your place?


  8. CBC is going to rock!!! What to wear!What to wear!!!! See ya then!!!

  9. I put a comment on your Studio 5 segment. very cool

    I have been putting out to the bloggin world a “donate a dollar per blogger” for Wendy’s plane fare to CBC. not going so well. (tee,hee)

    I think it sounds like an awesome event. I could even do a segment on how to landscape using horse poop clumps into interesting sculptered looking statues. There might be a following for that???????