This is me, admitting to the world, on television, that I’m a lazy parent. And I’m okay with that.

In case you would like to call and ream me out about saying that all mom’s are lazy on live television, now is your chance. That’s right, I was on Studio 5 this morning and in hindsight, I think I was way too comfortable. Seriously, I should probably have gone for something a little more professional, but I can’t help it. I am what I am, and we all know that sometimes I am lazy.

If you can get someone else to put your kids to bed tonight, join these uber cool bloggers and my little old self on a girls night out conference call where you can ask us all sorts of inappropriate personal questions.


  1. I knew I should have DVR’d your show today. You always say the best stuff when I’m not around.

    Can’t wait for our GNO Talk tonight!

  2. So I would totally call in, but, uh, what are we supposed to talk about? The CBC? I don’t have a lot of questions about that, other than who do I have to do laundry for to get a free ticket. ;o)

  3. annie valentine says:

    Actually, I think it’s going to be cool. It’s really listening to interviews with each of the bloggers, then there will be a time for questions at the end. I think everyone’s talking about something a little different, and not necessarily the CBC, but blogging in our different areas.

  4. NO, I TOTALLY LOVED YOU ON THE SHOW TODAY! I did not think you were too comfortable or anything. I thought you were honest and hilarious! Your tips were really helpful, thanks!!!

    • Kellie Harding says:

      You showed a very nice paperdoll set on Studio 5 this week. Where did you get that?

  5. Crap! I forgot to set my DVR to record you! And you can only listen to the podcast for 24 hours? Damn Mickey Mouse!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the Foot Box idea! And after reading your tips and watching the video I think you and I were good friends in the pre-existence and bounced our lazy mom ideas off each other before taking our turn on Earth. You were adorable!

  7. The Foot Box! I love the foot box idea! Was that yours or did you get it from a book? Love it, going to put one together for my 2 yr old.

  8. zstitches says:

    I have nice paper dolls and my childhood toys in a box in my sewing room and my kids LOVE to come in and play with them while I sew. (If only I weren’t too lazy to make time to sew . . .) My mom also had a “Sunday doll” that she was only allowed to play with on Sunday; I think that’s a fun idea.

    You were really great on the show.