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What in the heck has happened to girls today?

I’ve recently adopted a family of adorably teenage daughters into my life. They live down the road and have become a regular fixture in my house over the past few weeks. I love these girls, having never had the chance to work with the young women, I find them fun and refreshing and extremely entertaining.

I also want to pull my hair out.

The more I listen, the more I realize that the fine art of Catching a Man went out with the cell phone. Apparently, girls today sit around and wait for boys to text them, then they immediately  text back. To put it bluntly, they’re about the most available, unexciting things to ever happen to The Chase (of which they know nothing about and have no one to teach them).

Lucky for me, it seems they’re all dying to learn and these girls are not only listening, but they’re putting the good old rules into play. And let me tell you, it’s amazing what happens to a boy these days when he can’t get ahold of a girl he likes. Eventually, he gets so desperate that he CALLS them. Or, if the girl is really good, he’ll actually COME OVER.

All I can say is there’s something to the old adage, “A man chases a girl until she catches him.” Like I told these girls, the rules aren’t for catching a husband (since they worked on every man BUT Jason), they’re for protecting your heart and making sure that boys don’t take advantage of your tender feelings during the dating years.

Sadly, girls today don’t even know that we have all the power. News flash: we do.


  1. It’s true. I’m not a fan of doing nothing and making the man do ALL the work, but I think they should do about 90%.

  2. I love the idea that it’s not about catching a man but protecting yourself. I’ll have to remember that.

  3. I just got released from Young Women’s and I didn’t even address this. And now I feel really bad. Because you are right! They have no idea how much power they have and no one seems to be telling them.

  4. I just got released from Young Women’s and I didn’t even address this. And now I feel really bad. Because you are right! They have no idea how much power they have and no CLUE what the rules are, and no one seems to be telling them.

  5. Hmm—maybe you can give me some tips on this whole dating thing as well. I don’t seem to have figured it out yet:)

  6. If I can give a perspective from the Y chromosome end of the gene pool–I teach middle school and as I watch the goings-on in the halls I’m pretty sure at least some girls are pretty aware that they have all the power.

    I do think the boys are missing a lot of fun, though, just texting. Hanging out at girls’ houses, getting to know them and their families, are some of my favorite memories from high school.

    Kids these days…

  7. Veronica says:

    We SO do!

  8. I LOVED that book, He’s Just Not into You. I was reading it and I had no idea guys felt that way. I would read something out loud to dh and he thought I was nuts because I didn’t know it! Now, I want to buy a copy for every female of dateable age, because girls are too available. My mom did teach me, don’t call him, he’ll call you. Because you are right, if a guy really wants you, he knows how to find you.

  9. Sorry, it’s He’s Just Not That Into you

  10. Meh, I don’t worry about it. And that’s why I don’t date.

  11. Can I just say THANK YOU for doing that? I wish I’d had a mentor like you around in the day. I might not have been such an idiot. Those girls will sing your praises. Or I’ll hunt them down. 😉

  12. Hmmmm…..I agree with Barbara, maybe you could give us dating lessons. My number one dating skill seems to be-blushing. If he talks to me, looks at me, ignores me, I blush….it’s not going so well.

  13. Interesting. I’ve never thought about it that way…protecting your heart. Actually, that’s exactly what dating rules should be used for and should be explained that way. Good job.

  14. Funny you say that, I’ve got this guy I’ve gone out with a couple of times who is just too available. He is always wanting to see me, responds immediately, calls me often and is just desperate to to jump start this in to a relationship!

    It works both ways.

    Boys, don’t be too available either.

  15. Filing this away in the back of my head for when J & T are of dating age… that’s 30, right?

  16. My husband calls it the puppy dog in regards to boys, he had the dating game down. It works both ways too. We all want what we can’t have and don’t want what is needy and available. I think some of these rules still apply even after marriage.