Theme Song

How is it I have so many wonderful friends on the internet and that so few of you are accessible to me in real life? So cruel. I love you all, I felt such an outpouring of love/support/empathy/humor from everyone yesterday, it was better than flowers.

So I have this funny thing that I like to attribute to my pack of angels. If you’ve been around long enough, you might have heard me mention that my angels have this thing with music. Specifically, theme songs. It seems that when life is at it’s roughest and most dramatic moments, I flip on the radio and that BAM! There’s a song playing just for me that can’t possibly be a coincidence.

(Like remember me telling you about the time Jason and I had that huge fight about him not wanting to dance in public, then how he got out of the car ON THE FREEWAY, IN A TUX, and walked to a gas station to call a cab? And how as soon as I got in the driver’s seat I flipped on the radio and heard, “And I’m never gonna dance again! Guilty feet have got no rhythm…” Seriously, this is not a coincidence.)

So last week I had one of those really really bad days. It seemed that everything that could possibly go wrong had gone wrong, and I was trying to buckle three bawling kids into the car with very little success, and I finally lost it. It was my first big cry since Jason’s left. I smacked my head against the garage wall, let the drool run down my face and bawled my head off for a solid 47 seconds. It felt great.

Once I composed myself enough to climb in, I turned the key and started the car. The radio was on, and instantly I heard, “Ooh ooh child, things are gonna get easier…Ooh ooh, things’ll get brighter…”

I know Father in Heaven must be seriously aware of me because He sends me little snippets of comfort all the time. Brownies on my doorstep, music that makes me laugh and cry at the same time–how could I ever doubt His existence and His incredible love for me and mine (His)? It’s like one of those hidden pictures in the Highlight’s magazine, if you look closely at your day you’ll see all sorts of additional messages and moments that you’d otherwise breeze right by.

I guess what I’m saying here is that I know I’m not alone, and I know I’ll never be alone. Whether it’s friends like you or Aaron Neville on the radio, He’s got my back.


  1. That’s so neat, those angels of your sure are on the ball. Thanks for the reminder, love you.

  2. No, you are not. Even if it’s some crazy person, bothering you on Facebook.

  3. I find that when I listen to the local Christian radio station, I get these kind of music “wake-up calls” all the time. I never thought I’d be a Christian radio kind of chick, but I kind of dig it.

  4. Okay, seriously…I think you are my new best friend. I discovered your blog a few days ago, and everything I’ve read so far has either had me laughing or crying along with you. And, um, can I just say that you might be MY theme song? Today I am having one of those days where I’d like to shove my husband in our paper shredder and see how he feels afterwards. Of course I went through the usual…updating my status on Facebook to something along the lines of “From a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, my anger level is a 7 today” in an attempt to make myself laugh. Did it work? Not really. So I got on my blog and decided to visit your page. Annie must know what I’m feeling, and must have something to make me feel better about life today. And of course, your message to me was that Heavenly Father loves me and knows what I need. Even if it is a husband who is glued to the xbox constantly all morning. (Besides, out of guilt, he just gave me the O.K. to go get my hair done…heh heh heh…) Thank you for your hilarious and insightful blog posts. I enjoy stalking your blog on a regular basis and now that I’ve actually sent you a comment, I feel less like a creeper too. See? Better morning already. :]

  5. I think Dionne Warwick wrapped it up nicely when she sang “that’s what friends are for….”

  6. I think I need to listen to more radio. My van is full of kid cd’s and the rock version of “the wheels on the bus” just doesn’t do it.

  7. I don’t usually do this, but your post reminded me of a similar one of my own. (Sorry I don’t know the code to make it a link.)

    I really, really heart music.

  8. Why don’t men like to dance? Why? Why? Why?

  9. Veronica says:

    So glad things are looking a little brighter today!

  10. You’re the first person I’ve met who feels that same way about songs that I do. I find those little bits of grace just when I need them too. I’m so glad you found yours.

  11. Cool angels you got there. I love music. I love to turn it on loud and “sing” to it or “privately shake my booty” (which seems to be getting larger by the moment)

    So I guess I could find almost anything I hear rather “inspirational” or whatever you wanna call it.
    Excep the one where Jimmy Buffet sings “lets get drunk and screw”
    YES , it is a real song. My hubs is rather fond of it. He finds it motivating (sheeeeeesh)

  12. God answers prayers through the scriptures. And the radio. And sometimes, blogging.

    He pretty much rocks. As do you.

  13. Um, yeah. I think I am going to have to stalk you now. Your blog is awesome and I think I might be in love with you. In a non creepy way. Mostly.

    I have a 2 year old baby gorilla too. We could bond over our tales of hyper-child woe/hilarity. Yes??