ultrasonic miscommunication

This week’s article actually had my editor on the floor, laughing out loud. Since he rarely tells me anything but, “Thanks,” I thought I’d share his feelings with you. He thought Regarding Annie and Sometimes Jason was really funny this week. Check it out, I’ll be on the beach reading Fablehaven. If you’re in Florida, just look for the white whale in a one piece–that would be me.


  1. Yes, I am laughing out loud, too. That was a great way to start the week. “Fathered by a gummy bear” is a brilliant way to describe them.

    And, we never find (well, found–past tense. We’re done) out the sex of our babies before they came out, either.

  2. Oh, your poor husband! That is too funny!

  3. What a sweetheart Jason is.

  4. This was purely enjoyable! Well played out! I am still giggling maniacally at my laptop screen..

  5. Fathered by a gummy-bear….HA HA HA!

  6. Laughing out loud, really funny.

  7. Your article had me rolling on the floor also!!!! What a great story . . . . and I loved your “pregnant pause” pun! What a way with words you have.

  8. Thats the most hysterical/sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Gotta love him, thats adorable!!

  9. HOLD THE PHONE! You’re in Florida? Where have I been?

    In our first ultra sound? Uh, yeah. That was ME convinced there was something wrong with the baby.

  10. Holy hilarious! Just the laugh I needed at 12:37am