You’re Fired.

Okay, so I’ve been away from my computer since Wednesday night, and we all know the only thing in the world that could keep my attention for that long is my main man, Rambo. He has returned from the Great Wilderness sporting a full beard and a military grade rifle. So hot.

Seriously, I would love nothing more right now than to lock myself in our bedroom and play Adam and Eve for the next twelve years. Unfortunately, we have 3.4 children who seem to think they should be attended to every 3.4 minutes.

So I’ve been engrossed with all the feedback on my Dr. Fiasco post, and I’ve made a very important decision: I called on Thursday morning and fired my OB. He doesn’t know it yet, and to be perfectly honest, he probably isn’t going to care one bit and I would venture a guess that he’ll never even know if I don’t point it out to him.

But I feel that this is an appropriate place to say where I will no longer be going. Here, the Circle of Life Women’s Center in South Ogden.

Let me just tell you, this place is like a first class spa. All leather seating, you get a buzzer when you sign in, there’s a huge play place, they give ultrasounds with every visit (lower death rays than the sonogram) and make you a CD–it’s the glossiest, glamiest, gucciest place you’ve ever dreamed of removing your pants at for medicinal purposes.

With June, I saw Dave Bierer. Nice, friendly, never remembered my name. I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like a doctor should hear my voice from down the hall, break into a grin, and practically skip his way to my visit. I say this because my OB in Maryland was like that. He loved me, I loved him.

I can forgive the whole never remembering my name bit, but when you let your client get herself into a serious medical condition and don’t even take the time to call and see how she is or ever check up on her, I fire you. Hence, my move to Dr. Housel, who I have now fired for THE EXACT SAME REASONS.

Here’s the thing. I am not cattle. Circle of Life is apparently so great, so fancy schmancy, and so yuppy, the doctors have replaced eye contact and first name memory with shiny floors and monthly ultrasounds. Sorry, but I’d rather go see an antiquated family doc who can say, “Hi Annie!” without checking my chart first.

So yeah, Circle of Life, you’re fired. I am pregnant woman, hear me roar (and all the other lovely bodily noises that go with gestation).

Hey, I have five months left. I’m sure I can find someone willing to cut this kid out of me, right?


  1. Roar, mama, roar. Too bad my OB is an hour south of you, he’s that brand of awesome.

  2. Good for you!

  3. Camille D. says:

    I’m de-lurking to leave a comment about this because I did the EXACT same thing when I was about 5 months pregnant with my 3rd baby. I felt a little guilty firing him, because he hadn’t done anything horribly wrong. But when I got my new doctor who was SO AWESOME, I couldn’t even remember the old doctor’s name. I had c-sections too…and as my wise sister told me, “You need to trust that doctor and have a good relationship with him. He is going to be cutting you open.” So good for you!

  4. Veronica says:

    Yeah! I’m proud of you.

  5. You did great. 🙂 (I thought I heard roaring earlier!) 😉

  6. You go girl.

  7. Thank goodness and you can Helen Ready their a$$ because you rock!

    P.S. Is grandma going to kill me over that one?

  8. Seriously?? Is that MY sister talking like that?!?!?!? That’s too funny. But I agree with her 100%, good job for firing them! You gotta stay healthy and your Dr. is supposed to keep you that way, not ignore you.

  9. Laughed so hard at your wording. I seriously said to my hubby, “you have to listen to this. No….stop typing on your own computer and listen to me read this so you can laugh.”

    Glad for you that J is home.

  10. I would recommend Teela Sorenson (Sorensen??)… That’s who delivered my oldest child and helped me through a miscarriage. She is super awesome and KNOWS her patients. PErfect example- my SIL goes to her, and has super short labors. When one of the nurses waited 5 minutes to tell Teela that my SIL was at the hospital in labor, Teela chewed her nurse out and sped (literally- drove way over the speed limit) to get to the hospital in time. She knew my SIL well enough to know she didn’t have much time to get there. Long story not so short? I love her. Tanner Clinic in Syracuse.

  11. Way to go on getting rid of the crappy doctors. That would be so frustrating. Well, I don’t know if she is accepting new patients but I would totally recommend my doctor, Dr. Rosemary Lesser. She is SO smart and I really think she is the best. She is at the Ogden Womens Clinic. I have heard that the nurses are all a little afraid of her because she demands that they are on top of everything. When I had my baby she was so fantastic. She was leaving town the day after I had my baby but still came in that morning she was leaving to check on me and the baby. Good luck finding a good one!

  12. I miss my OB in CA!! Dr. Stanley Silverman (Thousand Oaks, CA) saw me thru infertility, correctly dianosing my PCOS, then guiding me thru 4 pregnancies that resulted in 5 babies in 5.2 years.

    Waiting to see him for my first appointment, a lady w/a new baby came down the hall, embraced & kissed him, & they went into his office. I thought, “Well, she’s either family or a very happy patient!” (It was the latter.) I loved him that much too! He was a grandfatherly figure w/lots of good advice, knew my name, & let me put my pants back on before we went over the details back in his office (no on-the-table-clad-in paper conversations).

    The best was this – my last baby was a C-section, which he & his daughter co-delivered! (Imagine going into OB/GYN practice w/ your DAD!) We shared friendly banter thru the delivery, & we cried together over my new baby girl.

    I love you Doctor Silverman! Here’s hoping you can find one like your first!

    But I’m liking Avenues Midwifery in SLC, if it’s not too far for ya…

  13. PS – you need to write a letter to Dr. Housel to let him know why you are no longer his patient. I left a jerk of a doctor to see Silverman, & always regretted not sending that letter I’d constructed over & over in my head. The jerk/doc told me I was just fat, & to go on the pill to stop my 3-week-long period, after leaving me waiting in the paper gown on the table for 40 minutes, & actually mis-read my test results that could have dianosed my problem.

    Send the letter – maybe it will help him be the doctor he thinks he is…

  14. Yay! Hooray for firing the crap-OB! I hope you find the best new baby-doc the world has ever seen. =]

  15. I don’t think I could ever go to a Dr. again. My midwife is a great friend. She asks about my husband and kids BY NAME and I lend her books I like. BUT I also trust her medical abilities beyond measure. So, I guess I am super lucky. But in your shoes I would also fire the Dr. We have the luxury to some extent to shop around for our medical care. We might as well.

  16. Hey I thought that was thunder!!! Glad it’s just you.

  17. Send the letter.

    (And I want to read it first!)

    (And guess what I just discovered? At the middle school I CAN ACCESS BLOGS – AND CRAIGS LIST! How did I not know this before???)

  18. Well, if you’re willing to make the trek to Happy Valley, I can recommend some awesome doctors. My main guy is great (especially now that he has more grey in his hair and no longer resembles a 12-year-old boy). One thing I’ve noticed after three kids? He tells the same jokes. All three ultrasounds: same comments, varied only slightly when the baby was a boy instead of a girl. In fact, during my c-section, the staff and I are all chatty (because wouldn’t you be during major surgery?) and they were teasing him about his repeat wisecracks.

  19. Good for you! I have a dr.’s appt. this morning, and I hope I don’t think about this post the whole time and want to fire my dr.! (I only have four weeks left! haha)

  20. I feel your pain time and time again, from a Dr. asking me out on a date, during my pap test to totally miss reading my labs, check out