How to stop the whining

You’re going to be really proud of me when I tell you this. Jason was gone all last week, and is gone again this week, and I didn’t whine once (here).

You’ll be especially impressed when you hear that June made it her mission in life to destroy our home and family one bottle of chocolate syrup at a time. To name just a few, there was the Pearler Beads incident, the dresser incident, the urine incident, and with an added emphasis on sassy talk and violence, I’m living with a monster. The fact that she had a cold didn’t slow her down, it exacerbated the problem.

And every single person we saw or talked to on the phone, the first thing she told them was, “My daddy’s gone and I’m sad.” She failed to add, “I’ve decided the best way to handle this is to ruin my mother’s life.”

After a particularly bad episode last Thursday afternoon, I went in my room and crumpled to my knees by the side of the bed. I wanted to bawl about how miserable she was making everyone and how hard my stewardship felt, but once I got down there and started blubbering, I felt like an idiot. Of all the challenges people face, of all the trials I see others go through, from health crisis to marriage catastrophes to financial ruin, I’m bawling because my two year old ruined my carpet?

I don’t know, I couldn’t even bring myself to tell the Lord about my troubles, they felt so insignificant and foolish. And it wasn’t a bad foolish, I think I was supposed to feel that way. In fact, if I were to take a guess, I’d say Someone was reprimanding me for my uber whineyness. Someone was telling me to sniff it up, get a grip and go clean the carpet.

I’m all about pouring your heart out to God and the internet, but this was one instance where I don’t think that would have helped me. And hey, when it came right down to it, I wasn’t left alone. I had my laundry pile, two days of Tivo to watch, and a coca cola classic. Who could ask for anything more?


  1. I think it’s OK to whine for a little while. I totally agree that we shouldn’t constantly whine about things that are insignificant, but just because you don’t have cancer, doesn’t mean a ruined carpet doesn’t suck.

  2. Amen sista friend. Sometimes too much is too much, but man does it help to think about the “could be’s” and feel gratefulness sometimes. 🙂

    Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t have a meltdown over chocolate syrup. ‘Cause I would. I do.

  3. Camille says:

    After having a particular bad day and not wanting to pray…I forced myself and had a thankful prayer, at first it was difficult, because I wanted to add a few “bless me with…”..but the more I stuck to only being gracious for my blessings and the more I listed, the more I remembered and the more my burden seem to have been lifted and by the time I finished I was in a pretty good mood. It was my game changer.
    My advice: Don’t compare your marriage to anyone elses. Even if it’s to compare trials to help you think that you don’t have it that bad….because 2 and3 year olds are a whole heck of a trial. My 2 year old refuses to wear pants…how am I suppose to go to church with a screaming baby only in a diaper…I tell you what….CHALLENGING!!!

  4. I feel that way just about every time I read NieNie. Perspective is a great thing, except when it sucks.

  5. My husband is about to leave for eight months of training, and I find such comfort, and a boat load of laughs in your stories, so for my sake, keep up the whining!

  6. Oh, that just sounds all together to familiar.

  7. Today? You are my soul sister. I should have read this before I blogged my own pathetic post.

  8. Just because other people have tragedies, doesn’t make the ones you deal with any less insignificant. I admire the realization that you came to—and I’m jealous that you have TiVo. That’s my tragedy—I have to watch TV at the time it actually comes on! The horrors:)

  9. Sounds like my week, only my husband was home (which sometimes makes things worse. he throws me off my routine!) and the kids were all sick with strep or were possessed by devils. I’m not sure which.

    Anyways, I hope the chocolate syrup comes out of your carpet! And thanks for the reminder that these trials I go through are minor ones.

  10. Oh yes. My two year old has been on one too. Boy is it hard and at the same time isn’t it good that this is our biggest problem some days? Even if it does drive us batty.

  11. I totally get where you’re coming from–doesn’t mean it isn’t hard and it doesn’t suck, but it could be worse and I’m grateful its not! 🙂

  12. Great post, Annie. Good stuff to think about.

  13. It is totally okay to feel bad about your carpet and life with little people and blubber about it to the Lord. Even if there are worse things going on in the world he still cares about you and how you are feeling. Really and truly.

  14. Can’t wait to watch Junie on Saturday 😉