Sweet Nectar of Life

Is it mean that I don’t want to share my leftover pineapple orange juice from Mother’s Day with my children?

Here’s the thing. I’m willing to give them just about anything they could possibly need, and plenty of what they want. I would include here my makeup and personal hygiene paraphernalia, as well as morning television viewing time (like I want to watch PBS kids?), any and all spare change they find in the bottom of my purse, and on a rare occasion, my Russell Stover Sugar Free Mints.

But you know what? I don’t want to share my juice. I don’t care if we never have juice in the house. I don’t care if they look at me with those great big cow eyes and salivate all over my shoes. I don’t even care that they’re thirsty. It’s called water, people. Help yourself.

Because when it comes to this annual drink (I only have it on Mother’s Day), I want to savor every stinking drop of my calorie inflated sugary bliss. Keep the eggs and the toast, go to town on my chocolate bar from Church, but leave my juice alone.

Right now I have very of anything that I can truly call my own, body included. But when it comes to my pineapple orange juice, hands off unless you want to lose them. Seriously.


  1. I say that you should deprive your children of all things they want.

  2. I feel that same way… only it’s with everything I eat or drink. It’s sad.

  3. Sounds fair to me.

  4. I feel exactly the same way about pineapple orange juice. Just step back. Way back.

  5. I normally try to maintain a calm, middle of the road image on blogs. But I’m throwing that out on this one.
    No!!!! It is not unfair to deprive them. It is not even deprivation. When were were young newlyweds and dirt poor, we could only afford really bad Tang stuff. The kids loved it. My mom bought us some real orange juice at some point. My wife wanted to give it to our kids!!! I protested vigorously. They were like 2 and 4 and 5. Too young to even know the difference. They were happy with their fake Tang. Why waste it?

    Drink that pineapple juice and enjoy it!

  6. I deprive my children on a minutely basis. I have a cupboard above the microwave, a cupboard above the fridge, and the “cheese” drawer in the fridge that is off-limits to anyone not named ME.

    It’s good for them. They need reminders that they’re the kid, not the parent, and if you don’t start young, well, you’re screwed!

    Enjoy the juice!

  7. I refused to give my mum my yoghurt today.

    I felt bad but I really wanted it.

    Mothers Day has passed you see 😛

  8. I buy bagels for the kids (cinnamon raisin because raisins are healthy) and keep the everything bagels for me. They are MINE. Even when they remind me that Heavenly Father likes it when we share, I remind them that they have theirs and I have mine. Diet Dr. Pepper is the same way. Actually, my husband has told the kids that pop isn’t very good for you, so they don’t understand me drinking it. I’ve told them that it helps when I get headaches, but now they’re just confused. How can something that’s bad for you HELP you?

    They obviously don’t understand the concept of drugs yet.

  9. At first I read this and thought you meant the left over pineapple juice from canned pineapple and I thought you were not mean, just weird. Now that I reread it, I still think it’s a little weird but not as weird. I think you really need to give yourself more luxuries, but if you can be spoiled with pineapple orange juice good for you. What you could do is mix some regular orange juice with a little pickle juice, put it in the empty carton. Then give that to your children as pineapple orange juice – I don’t think they’ll bother you about it again.

  10. There is a motto in our house that I have my girls repeat on a regular basis. “Mama doesn’t share food!” This works out always in my favor. If I am feeling magnanimous and actually share something, I get all sorts of brownie points. If I am not feeling that way, I just ask them about Mom and food. They repeat it and don’t feel too bummed.