Blame the Volcano

According to my sources (I like to call them Mom and Dad), the year Mt. St. Helens erupted resulted in the worst weather ever. They didn’t even see the sun that summer, and from what the folklore says, it affected weather around the world for at least a short while.

Because I’m so scientific and smart like, I’ve realized that the reason we’re having regular rain, thunder, and enough clouds to cover the state of Washington, is because of that *&$# volcano in Iceland. It’s determined to ruin my summer, one storm cloud at a time.

And in fact, I’ve decided to blame just about everything on the volcano this year. Bad hair? Ash in the air. Unquenchable chocolate craving? Brought on by the lava. General grumpiness? All those dead animals. Really, it’s the only logical explanation to why the world is less than perfect. Poor Obama, if the volcano only hadn’t erupted…

Maybe we should name the baby after the volcano. Hey, it’s a start.

(By the way, I’ve added Marjorie and Patsy to our list of girl names. Feel free to not tell me if you hate them. Then again, I’ll just blame your feelings on the volcano anyway.)


  1. LOL. I think Marjorie and Patsy are lovely names. You might also change Braden around to make it more girly–maybe Braydin? Braedyn? Highly recommend that one.

  2. Your volcano is my Mario Lopez.

  3. Is the volcano to blame for this lovely June weather in Seattle? You are brilliant!

  4. My kids (and me, I’ll admit it) have been listening to Billy Jonas, and one of their favorites is a song about Mt. St. Helens (because he says, “RUMBLLLLLLLLE!) and they laugh and laugh and laugh. Really, as kids’ music goes, it’s a pretty awesome CD — “What Kind of Cat Are You”. (The other one we listen to a lot, if you’re interested, is Barenaked Ladies’ album “Snacktime” — geared towards kids. And fantastic: The ninjas are deadly and silent. They’re also unspeakably violent. They speak Japanese, they do whatever they please, and if you take of their masks, they’ll be smilin’.

    But I digress.)

    So maybe he’ll (Billy Jonas. Yeah, I’m stuck in my own conversation) write a song about Eyjafjallajokull. No? It just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

    Also I bet the one guy left from Milli Vanilli might be up for a redo — since you will no longer be blaming things on the rain.

  5. I love shifting blame. It’s one of my hobbies. And I LOVE those girl names. And if I didn’t, you would never know!

  6. I can totally see a child of yours rocking the name Marjorie.
    And there must be A LOT of volcanos erupting considering the chocolate cravings I’m having.

  7. marjorie and patsy are both good.
    not that i have any new kids on the horizon, and probably won’t,
    but a girl can dream. and so i dream of someday having the privilege of
    naming a little girl either lucy or alice or charlotte. they’re so sweet, innocent, and classic.
    i love classic/old fashioned. i named my only “daisy.” it’s perfect & unpretentious.
    if i were to have a little boy come along, i kinda dig elliott.
    guess i’m not the tanner/jaydan/wyatt/porter/trevor/ethan/aubrey/madison/peyton/cadence kinda namer. no offense to anyone. they’re nice names. just overdone & too trendy. AND i’m of the mindset that people should be able to pronounce a kid’s name cause they can read it and not cause it’s made up. traditional spelling all the way. you’d be amazed at how many people, when they hear my daughter’s name, ask “and how do you spell her name?” i’m like, really?! just like how it should be spelled. like the flower, duh. see what we’ve taught ourselves to do? we’ve taught ourselves to second-guess one another at EVERY opportunity.
    i like my name, it’s pretty. but it was hard growing up and NO ONE ever knowing how to pronounce it. they always figured “keely” was a mispelling, so they’d over think it and call me kelly or kylee or keekee or kiwi or stacy (no joke, its more common than one would expect). or they’d try to “correct” my spelling and write it like: keeley, or keelee, or kili.
    so, in the end, rock the world with marjorie or patsy. love ’em! 🙂

    (but that’s just me being over-opinionated about someone else’s kids…again.)

  8. I would agree with your conclusion. I’m not minding the weather so much. I know that in no time it’ll be hot and I’ll be trapped inside with baby all day. So I’m enjoying while I can. But you have made me honestly wonder if the oil leak is related to the volcano.

  9. I recently met a woman named “Margo” and I really like that. Marjorie made me think of it. It’s just so cute and could be super snobby if you want – think Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.

  10. Can we blame the oil spills on that too?

  11. Hmmm…I like where you’re going with this. I’m in need of a good scapegoat.

  12. I love your names. I always looked for meanings. We have 11 kids and some were named after others, and some were named because I loved either the meaning of the name, or the name itself. I think it is a very unique opportunity and a fun one to spend the time and pick a name you will love. You are right about the volcano though. I used to live in Washington and we even had ash rain after the volcano erupted. It was pretty interesting. I think I might try blaming the volcano this year. Hmmmm, maybe that is why I am feeling so lazy!!!

  13. First off, I had a cousin named Marjorie and she was really MEAN to me.
    Patsy —I like her country songs.

    GOOD to know about the volcanoe. NOW I KNOW WHY I gained 20 lbs. Damn volcanoe.
    I lived in British Columbia when Mt. St. Helens errupted and we felt it. It was an amazing thing. We lived about 2 hour drive from it.
    mass destruction when we took a drive around what we could at that time.

    marjorie was mean

  14. Your child will be called Fatsy Patsy – fat or not, because kids are mean like that.

    • annie valentine says:

      Okay, Patsy is probably out.

    • And I have to add that Marjorie could be “Large Marge.” I knew one. But I do think it’s a cute name, so don’t hate me. My husband killed all my name suggestions by coming up with horrible nicknames for every name within 14 seconds of my mentioning it.

  15. I’m totally voting for Hanae pronounced “Hannah”. I know, I know, there are about 2 billion (or @ least it seems like it) Hannahs but not too many Hanae. Not on your list but I have to agree w/ annie (commenter) because she would totally have to live down the whole fatsy patsy thing.

    I do read all the time but I get shy. Had to add my two cents this time though.

    • annie valentine says:

      Don’t worry Susan, I’ve officially taken Fatsy Patsy and Large Marge off my list. I’m now pulling for a boy (not that I’ve got names for a boy either).

  16. FINALLY the source to blame!!! Thank you for discovering this, Annie! Phew! Now I can safely blame the correct source.