It is Tuesday and I think I’m officially recovered from the Casual Blogger Conference I attended over the weekend.

Here are a few things I learned from my weekend rendezvous:

1. Google cares how you title your posts. Unfortunately, I do not. Seriously, I’m not about to give up my sly little titles because Google promises me a little popularity if I’ll just be more straight forward. In fact, I think Google isn’t nearly as cool as he thinks he is.

2. TGI Friday has the best bread sticks on the planet. They’re like this donut/bread stick hybrid. I’m pretty sure they’re deep fried. Whatever they are, I ate about nine of them in one sitting and am slightly concerned this kid will come out with a breadstick in its paw.

3. I learned to make my own lipgloss. Since I spend an exorbant amount of money keeping my two-year-old stocked with makeup (it keeps her out of my fridge/hair products/underwear drawer), this is a critical new skill I am putting right up there with home canning. (She actually woke up in the middle of the night last night and wouldn’t go back to sleep until I had tracked down her lipstick, followed by her needle, which were both playing hidey hide in the haystack.)

4. I realized that despite the fact that I spend the majority of my life sequestered away in our house, I have not lost the ability to make friends. Holy purple dinosaur, so many new friends.

5. I learned that sometimes, even when you’re exhausted from laughing your guts out and brain fried from all the juicy new blogging information you never knew existed, you can still cough up the energy to take your four-year-old to the emergency room in the middle of the night because he broke his arm while you were out dancing.

Not only was it a great conference, but I’ve got to give props to Motherboard, the Big Boss behind the conference. I was amazed that this was a first attempt, she had so many of the details in order. The giveaway’s were phenomenal, the entertainment was hot as all get out, and every single class I attended was well taught (especially that one on taking your writing to the next level, taught by that blond pregnant woman).

Love you, Elisa. (Feel free to swing over and give her a little praise. The girl has honestly worked her toes off on this event. She deserves a pat on the fanny for a job well done.)


  1. It truly was an amazing weekend. And now you have been thinking about those breadsticks. Nom, nom, nom.

  2. I don’t really care about google either – what a fat head.

    That stinks about the broken arm though. I hope he gets a cool cast he can draw pictures on. (I hate it when they just use an ace wrap, you can’t even take a sharpie to those things.)

  3. Google has WAY too much power. That class sorta freaked me out, the way we kept talking about Google like it was the end all of the internet.

    I have a friend who makes the best chapstick I’ve ever used. EVER. She’s amazing… the kind of amazing that doesn’t drink Coke or any other carbonated anything and walks through your yard and brings in a handful of edible flowers for your salad that are full of vitamin C and will help you be healthier than anything else on the planet. I would love to be more like her… I’m pretty sure if I ate more flowers and drank less coke, I’d absolutely be healthier.

  4. I totally dug the class taught by the cute blond pregnant lady. My favorite part was when her papers fell on the floor and she looked at them like they were a thousand feet away. Poor unbendy cute blond pregnant lady. And I forgive you for not attending my class, although most people just sleep in to avoid my stuff. They don’t break their kid’s arm.

  5. You don’t know me, and that’s okay, neither does Google. But I sat in the front row for your class. Honestly, not because I want to be published or anything, but because everyone said you were a good speaker.
    And I enjoyed it! I would have picked up your dropped papers if someone 5 times my age hadn’t leaped out of their chair first.
    Darn, I missed my chance for fame.

    Anyway, loved the CBC!

  6. Soooo… jealous.
    Broken arms are sad.

  7. Don’t change your post titles, please. You’ve already got the popularity you need!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom (and hilarity) with us during your class! And I’m still trying to find my niche – other than Harry Connick Jr.

  8. Oh, Annie, I miss you already! (You, and that mushroom soup.)

    You know, I sat there through all that Google gobbledeegook and said to myself, “I am NEVER going to do any of this stuff.” And I was serious.

    And then I asked myself what I was willing to give up in order to make my blog bigger. And the answer was, “Nothing.” And I was also serious.

    So when I went to your class, I was surprised to find myself thinking of things I might be willing to give up to take this writing thing seriously. So thanks for catalyzing my epiphany.

    But I’m still not doing any of that Google crap.

  9. Sounds like a phenomenal time. And I’m seriously jealous that I didn’t get to go! I heard the word bread sticks, and my mouth started salivating….

  10. Amen to all!!!! Motherboard rocks! And so do her shoes. It was so fun meeting you and getting to know you better. You’re a kick in the pants, girlfriend. Can’t wait to hang out again.

  11. I have a hard time with Google too. Who the heck does he (or she) think he (or she) is?

    I loved your class. I have a bajillion things to do over the next two weeks and I’m very mad about it because I want to sit down and re-think/re-vamp my writing, using your tips. But I have to wait for 2 weeks. Boo.

  12. It really was a great event! It was so great to hang out with you again.

    🙁 for the broken arm! I hope he’s a fast healer.

  13. Google, Schmoogle.

    Wish I could have been there.

    And I’m sorry about the arm. Hope it heals up quickly!

  14. google google google.
    isn’t having my title show up in the very first google search enough for him?
    Maybe i can change it.

    i didn’t go to your class. Sadly, it was full and I went to another fantastic class.

    I am following everyone around that updated their blog about Casual blogger. There are a TON of them!

    You seem like you got good blog.
    If Crash likes you, it must be good, Right?

    And Motherboard does have good shoes.

    A broken arm? ya gotta be kidding me? That is NO fun at all.

  15. It was such an awesome conference! You’re class was amazing (thanks for inspiring me, and helping me a little bit out of my writing funk).

    For the record, TGIF’s breadsticks were pretty good, but they mix a really lousy Albert Miller. But the potstickers are awesome!

  16. It was amazing right? And Motherboard did a fantastic job. It should be her job to organize these types of events! haha. I am sorry about your little one. Hope he is doing okay!

  17. Great recap–and I miss you! BTW, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to subscribe to your posts. What am I missing?!?!?

  18. Here’s the thing with Google: I just with God answered my questions as fast as Google does, and that God would rank them in order of best to worst case scenario.

    You are such a good friend and the cinnamon rolls didn’t make it past lunch. Our stomachs thank you.


  19. I saw you CBC. I saw you dance at CBC. I saw you moderate the panel discussion. But I did not meet you! So I will now. Hello, my name is Linda and you are ADORABLE obviously talented.

    I don’t like Mr. Google either. I think his head has gotten too big for his own searches.

  20. Google, Google, Google.. I’m GLAD you’re going to continue your sly title ways! Still can’t believe you had to take your son to the ER… oy veh. We need to plan a post-CBC get-together asap, btw… somethin’ SASSY! 😉

  21. He he- Great post! I wish I could have been there at the CBC. I am sure you stole the stage or podium or whatever you were standing at or on.

    As someone who is married to a “googler” technically I am a “spoogler” (spouse of a googler), let me fill you all in on the little secret. They are all total geeks. They do not think they are super cool. They just want to do really cool things with computers. I know I am simplifying a tad but that is my impression.