Mad Lib…Wednesday?

I’m over at Beautiful Emily’s blog, “Is This Really My Life?” today. She’s fun, she’s smart, and she makes having four kids look way too easy. No one should be able to run 23 miles a day and still manage to make dinner (the mileage might be a slight overexageration, but she really is a modern day iron woman in heels).

I know there's a way to make this a button, I just haven't learned it yet...

She’s a Superstar Sassy Scoop and one of my new friends in the blogging world. We had way too much fun at the CBC, and I secretly long to be part of their sassy little club that reviews really cool things in Utah. Hop on over to see the Christmas picture I forgot to post on this site.


  1. Hey Annie…..liked your interview. I was surprised however about the being stranded on the Island question and you chose Hugh Jackman—–I thought you’d pick Michael Buble???

    Love the family photo.

    I need more time to read blogs. With summer upon us and warm weather I want/need to be outside and take advantage of it while I can. What’s the sense of being a country girl…if you aren’t outside enjoying the country eh.

  2. Oh, and super cool….I think this is the FIRST TIME I have been FIRST on your blog.

  3. we are going to start a northern utah branch of sassy scoops, you need to do it. so much fun.

  4. You are too cute, Annie! Love you to death! And I haven’t run 23 miles since my marathon almost 8 years ago. And dinner? Last night was Taco Bell and the night before was scrambled eggs. I’m awesome. Miss you!