Someone photographed me all pregnant like

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any pregnant pictures, go check out DeNae’s blog, where she so kindly posts an action shot of me going into labor. It’s the last posted picture, and it’s a real doozy. Tell me a photo like that wouldn’t make you get all prego-agoraphobic. And please, remember that I am six and a half months pregnant (I have no idea how many weeks that is, so don’t ask).

A photo is worth a thousand pounds, for sure.


  1. Ummm….you disgust me. All 6 months preggo and as cute as could be! Not fair. You seriously are so beautiful! Even with your tiny preggo belly.

    Learning how to catch babies at CBC…sounds like fun!

    • annie valentine says:

      Considering there’s nothing small about my belly, I’ll pay you later for that one.

  2. I told you I thought you looked adorable!

  3. Goodness gracious, Annie Banannie. You do realize I didn’t TAKE that picture, right? I think it was on Shelle’s site. Or Crash’s. Or Tauna’s. Or “Pregnant Hawties Unleashed”, in the centerfold. Yeah, that’s where I got it from.

    And it’s your own darn fault for looking so cute as a baby-grower. I was actually quite a cute pregnant lady, too. Where things took a nasty turn was when my baby was 13 and people were still asking me when my baby was due.

  4. Tina Kendall says:

    Annie you are too cute! Heck you still look little to me!!!

    Hugs T

  5. i hate to be one of THOSE people, who get all irate at you for taking things seriously that you mean in jest (i mean, really, are they READING at all? can they understand sarcasm? does it translate into their literal language deal?), but can i just say, for every other poster who has already said this, for your husband who sees you as the most beautiful thing on the planet, for your children, who believe you hung the moon….stop with the harping on your appearance already. you’re beautiful. you don’t look a day over 6 1/2 months pregnant. you glow with the radiance of the reality of what you are about to bring into the world.

    and i can’t believe that this can be healthy for your self-image. i am absolutely the pot calling the kettle black right now, because i am probably my absolute worst critic when it comes to my appearance. but i don’t have little ones around, little ones who take their cue from us about how to feel about themselves. i don’t have the stress and responsibilities that you do. i’m desperately hoping to learn to love myself as much as possible before i do have those little ones so that i don’t have to worry that my backhanded insults somehow affect their beliefs about themselves.

    i don’t know you. i just read you. i’m certain, most certain, that you are a fantastic mom. i am certain that you tell them all of the time how wonderful they are and how much they have to give and how much infinite potential is a part of their very nature.

    i just think we can all tell ourselves that too. and maybe cut ourselves some slack about the things that matter very little in the grand, divine scheme of it all.

    and i’m going to try to do it for myself as well, lest you think i am the biggest hypocrite in the world.

  6. I could tell you have done a great job on your weight this pregnancy because your face is still really thin (in that other pic of you and DeNae). I love that pic! The body shot, hard to tell, but to me you are looking good as ever! Love ya.