Yesterday I was the world’s most amazing seven month pregnant mother.┬áHonestly, I was so impressed with myself by four o’clock that I could hardly stand to look in a mirror.

My summer home learning is going way better than I would have ever guessed possible. This is our third week, and I have found that to my total and complete shock and delight, I enjoy spending one on one time with my kids. I know, it goes against all my parenting beliefs, this whole “personal attention” push, but if I’m being completely honest, it’s not half bad.

Yesterday we went to the Air Force museum. Normally I would have tried to find some fellow mother to muddle through with, just to make the task more palatable. But this week’s Be Attitude is Be Involved, and yesterday we talked about being involved as a family–hey, if I’m going to tout it, I’d better try it.

I was shocked to find that when there isn’t another adult present to shoot the bull with, my kids aren’t half bad. They’re entertaining, happy, randomly obedient–it was a refreshingly lovely afternoon. We had such a good time that I took them to Walmart AND a playplace.

But the biggest shock of all this summer is the realization that if, in the event of a cataclysmic catastrophe, I could no longer send my children to public school, I kind of think I could home school and still avoid bloodshed. Who knew? I’ve always been baffled where home schoolers are concerned, but after this summer, I can kind of see that it’s not all bad. In fact, it’s brought a massive dose of cohesiveness to our family. The kids do school together in the morning, and it just carries on to their playtime. I think they actually like each other better because of it.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just the pain killers talking, but aside from the misery of pregnancy (as I write this it feels like someone’s got a knife in my back), overall we’re having a darn good summer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an episode of A Baby Story to catch up on.


  1. “Be involved”, huh? Is that why, as I type, you’re in a car with my sister and Kristina, blazing your way to Las Vegas – SANS KIDS??

    Hee hee.

    And I have home-schooled off and on over the years. It really can be rewarding. It’s not for everyone, and it never was a “forever” kind of deal with me, but the years I did it (including last year with my 8th grader) were good experiences.

    (Do you love that your automatically generated “related posts” feature pulled up “Fat Ugly Girl”? Are you and your related posts feature in a fight or something?)

  2. I am also “summer schooling” the kids. I figure that my degree has to be good for something! We all enjoy it and I make sure that they learn things in addition to the teaching the get in school. American history, Art appreciation and Music appreciation top my list of things to do with them. We also go over all the normal math and english and make science projects in he kitchen and outdoors. Next week we are going to a stream and than bringing the stream water home to check out in the microscope. They love to collect leaves and star gaze also, so we are learning some of the bigger and better known constellations too.

  3. I’m sorry, I think I just chortled when you mentioned that you might want to homeschool (in case of absolute emergency)! Don’t kill me Annie, but after a month you would either a) Move back in with your mother, b) enroll them all in a Catholic school where nuns still use rulers for hands or c) consider a convent for yourself. Most moms can make it through the summer because they know school will start again…….. don’t fake it.

    Good job Being Involved. I’ll get that MOTY award ready for you.

  4. Air force museum? I had no idea one existed around here. I will add that to my list of morning outings alone with my child!

  5. WOW! You go, girl! At this point in the pregnancy, I’m telling myself that 10 weeks of my kids being raised by the TV could not only keep my baby cooking, but keep us all a lot saner. I’m impressed at you taking your kiddos out and about! Way to go, Annie!

    p.s. dying to hang out with our baby-bumps together again soon… good times. ­čÖé