Big boys still cry

So yesterday we took our family to downtown Portland and met up with a bunch of Jason’s old cronies from high school. It was almost perfect; almost a fantastic memory. If only we had left the kids at home.

It’s like they had a meeting ahead of time to plan out exactly how they’d take turns torturing us. We took the tram into downtown and visited a very cool toy store. I have to admit, they were pretty good up to that point. Then everyone had to use the bathroom. In Nordstrom. Then they had to ride the escalator. In Nordstrom. Then the Nordstrom police escorted us from the premise because my children started swinging from the chandeliers.

We rode the amazing tram up to the hospital and decided to stroll through to the new skywalk. I have realized that the only time June should ever be allowed in a hospital is when she needs to be hospitalized. Personally, I was this close to asking them to admit and keep me until the baby comes.

But the real kicker was Harrison. That kid didn’t even need spilled milk, he cried over anything and everything worth his salt. It took us a few episodes to figure out the problem. Finally, looking at him huddled in a ball in the far corner of our friend’s back yard, it hit me.

Jason is leaving tomorrow, and Harrison knows it.

I probably shouldn’t have written that because now I’m going to cry. See, last December before we found out we were pregnant, Jason got excepted into a very critical, very difficult training program. We were totally stoked, it will be an awesome experience for him and really help us in the future.

When we found out about the baby and looked at the calendar, we were shocked to see that he’ll get back on Saturday, August 28th. In the past, I would have had the baby by then, since I’m due Sept. 2nd. We prayed about it, and I insisted that he should go because it’s the right thing. If he misses this course, he’ll have to do it online at night over 18 months from home. I’d rather have him gone for five weeks than unavailable every evening for a year and a half. He’s asked me about three dozen times to let him cancel, but I keep feeling like everything happens for a reason and he’s supposed to do this.

So here we are, and he’s about to go. Looking down at my little boy yesterday, there was no doubt in my mind that he’s feeling emotional about his dad leaving. Jason and I immideatly pow-wowed, andDad went down and scooped him up. He’s seven, he’s heavy, but he’s still just a little boy who needs his daddy to hug him and tell him everything will be all right.

And it will. I just need everyone to keep reminding me.


  1. I haven’t ridden that thing, but I’ve always wanted to.

  2. Oh, man, I’m glad you’re with your mommy. I hope that baby waits for him!!

  3. It’ll be alright, and it’s probably better that the kid is upset about him leaving. If he wasn’t I’d be concerned ;D

  4. Do you know what is funny Annie? My husband was in Maryland for my entire last trimester when pregnant with Megan. Megan’s birthday was also September 2nd and he also got home August 28th. I didn’t remember that exact date till i counted back 5 days and realized it. That is really funny! How neat 🙂
    Do you usually go early or late or right on time?

  5. Well, since you can’t deliver that baby except by C section, I sincerely hope you don’t go into labor… and thank goodness you will be at your mom’s because that and all of the cousins will thoroughly distract your kids (and you~). I was stoked to read you are in Portland, I knew you’d be making the trek soon. We’d better get on the horn with Jen and plan a day at my house-can’t wait for the reunion, been thinking about it for months!

    Love Ya.

  6. Boy do I know how you’re feeling right now. Its hard and I’m sorry. And it sucks. But I can tell you after having just finished doing the same thing, that you can do it! I’ll be thinking about you and if you ever want to get together, Portland’s just two hours away for me! 🙂

  7. David was a week away from his 3rd birthday and Vanessa was 5 weeks old when my husband left for 17 weeks at Quantico. Oh, my, how that sucked. But you’re right; it’s so much better than having him unavailable for 18 months. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you, Harrison will rally pretty quickly. You will, too. Just lay low and keep that baby on the inside til daddy gets home! (Although, even that is survivable. It’s all survivable.)

    Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful NW. It’s 111 degrees here right now. Stupid, stupid Las Vegas.

  8. I think about you all the time Annie. Praying that everything works out just right for your cute little family! 🙂

  9. I had a dream the other night that you and Jen were at church while I was visiting my mom this week, except that you were in her ward instead of the other one. I peeked into Sacrament Meeting and saw Jen leading the music but we had to leave before the meeting was over so I didn’t see if you were really there too or not.

    • annie valentine says:

      Crazy. Jason and the kids were there, I just couldn’t do three hours of sitting. I’m going to try to make sacrament next week.

  10. Yep, find some distracting things and have your hubby get on skype. We love it for visiting family. It is so nice to see faces when you are talking instead of just a voice. Oh yeah, and as my girls tell me when I have to go out of town, “don’t forget the presents!”

  11. Kids are very intuitive and sensitive to things it seems. What a beautiful picture that presents….of dad picking him up and loving on him.

    I would have a hard time being without my husband for a long time. But it seems, to our surprise that WITHIN ALL OF US is a strong woman, mom when we need to be. Bring it on…we’ll meet the challenge if it kills us.

    then when he gets home you can melt and crash in his arms.

  12. Hang in there!

  13. Well, sadly my hubby missed the birth of my first child by 2 weeks because the military changed dates on him, what can you do? My mom and dad were also away because they were on a cruise, the nerve! Thank goodness for my sister and some wonderful friends.

    I hope the baby waits for Jason, I didn’t love going through that without Mike…but it sounds like you will at least have your mom 🙂 That’s not bad, right?!

    Still, everything will be ok…but you already know that 🙂

  14. Everything will be alright. We are with you, through and through.

    I ask my husband to tell me that from time to time (everything will be alright). maybe a tattoo on my hand, so I could read it to myself, would help?!

    PS: Portland? Love love love that city. The city gardens there (rose and Japanese) amaze.

    PPS: Everything will be alright. Really. 🙂

  15. Once in a blue moon I check out “The Vidette”. Once upon a million years ago, my family lived in Grays Harbor when I was a kid. I saw the link to your blog…thought I’d check it out and I’m glad I did. I even went to school with a Valentine! What a small world. I live in Portland and I blog, too. It was so nice to ‘stumble’ across you. Many blessings to you as you await bringing a new life into this world.

  16. Tammara says:

    Yes it all happens for a reason. You have a very strong support system in place and everything will work out. There may be bumps in the road but look at them as learning bumps and that we are all praying for the time to fly by for you. I can’t wait to see the new baby pictures. I loved the ones of Junie you posted on here. She won’t be the baby anymore but she will be a wonderfully awesome Big Sister.

  17. I’m keeping my legs crossed for you!