Stupid scary movie

Why is it that just because I read the book, I automatically think the movie won’t totally freak me out?

I’m currently sitting in the dining room, getting a play by play from Jason on the very scary movie, The Lovely Bones.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no thrill seeker. Give me a musical or a good action comedy any day, you can keep your suspense roller coasters (with the exception of Deceived with Goldie Hawn–classic). But for some reason the books aren’t usually as scary as the movies, or maybe it’s just the lack of extremely freaky music with my paperbacks that makes me think I can handle a PG-13 screamer.

Because that’s what I just did. I screamed.

Not only did I scream, but between Jason and the music, I finally had to run back in just in time to see the girl jump out of the window, narrowly escaping the bad guy with her life and proof of his truly terrible evilness. So. Terrifying.

Apparently, Jason said that I was jumping around the living room for about nine seconds in an extremely agile way–something whiny pregnant women aren’t usually inclined to do. He also said that I was almost cute, but mostly dorky. Then he pointed out that it was for sure the most exercise I’ve had in the last 32 weeks.

The movie is over and I have learned my lesson. Pregnant women should not exercise or watch scary movies.

(Jason is now wishing he’d had a video camera. Such a shame.)


  1. Camille says:

    I cannot watch scary movies, pregnant or not. Bring on Bye Bye Birdie and I’ll be happy.

  2. The last scary movie I watched was copycat. I RAN to our car in the parking lot after the movie. I hate scary movies! To this day when I go into a public bathroom I check and see if there are pipes in the ceiling. Harry Connick Jr. could be waiting BUT not in a good way.

  3. I like certain scary movies. I will tell you, don’t watched that TV show, Snapped, about women who kill their lovers, right before bed, when your husband is out of town. You will NOT have nice dreams.

  4. Really? I must be a hard-core desensitized person then because I thought The Lovely Bones was the LAMEST movie ever and demanded a refund of the 2 hours of my life that it stole!

  5. You can never go wrong with Rogers and Hammerstein. I learned my lesson years ago with “Psycho”. We saw it in the theater (the only possibility in those days, and even men screamed.

  6. I don’t like scary movies either. Give me a sappy love story or a romantic comedy any day.

  7. I don’t mind a scary movie or book. But everything is heightened when you’re pregnant. And not always in a good way 🙂

  8. I read the book Lovely Bones and didn’t care for it at all….thought it was dark and I did not like the girls perception or experiences of the “after life”.
    I also cant do scarry movies……
    cause then it makes being home alone at night very difficult.
    and I TOO wish Jason had the video running…………..many of us would have paid him money to see that. wha ha ha

  9. See? This is why you are my BFF. I loathe scary movies and Jefe loves them. I have been known to watch a scary movie whilst listening to a very LOUD Amos Lee or John Mayer. Johnny can make the scariest movie suddenly seem sexy.

    Also? I hated the book The Lovely Bones. Dumbest. Book. Ever. I figured the movie would be even more stupid, so I gave it a wide berth. Glad I did.

    • annie valentine says:

      It had been too long since I read it and I couldn’t remember a darn thing about it. When am I seeing you next?

  10. Its funny, or Ironic maybe? I used to love scary movies. Loved them, couldn’t get enough of them. Then I faced my first deployment. A year long deployment, alone in the dark. Scary movies have not been enjoyable since. Give me a good comedy!

  11. I think it is normal to be scared during creepy movies. If you aren’t creeped out by them, then I think that’s kind of weird. Of course, you could always be this lady, which I think would be way worse 🙂

  12. I saw The Lovely Bones in the theater by myself. There I was alone in the dark convinced that every rustle of someone shifting in their seat behind me was a scary man moving in to cut off my face.

    Next time I go see a scary movie alone, I’m taking a Valium first. That should help.

  13. Yeah, well, the book freaked me out completely, so I didn’t even bother with the movie.

  14. OH man, aren’t you my friend on Facebook? I JUST put on there like last week how disturbed I was over that movie! Made me absolutely sick to my stomach and I wanted to cry like a baby it was so disturbing. 🙁 I hate scary movies too, I usually NEVER watch them, don’t know how I let my husband talk me into that one!

  15. I’m SUCH a pansy about scary or even suspenseful movies. Yikes. Way to get some preggo exercise, though, right, lol?

  16. I used to love scary movies. Now that I’m a dad… I never watch them. You couldn’t pay me enough to watch Lovely Bones… especially since it deals with a little girl…