Asian cowgirl

My daughter is a cowgirl for Halloween. She’s two. Yesterday we picked up her horse–the kind that goes over their shoulders? She’s been running around the house all morning yelling, “Ni Hao!” Apparently, that’s what cowgirls say in China.

June has also taken to blaming Jesus for things.

“June, where’s your vest?”

“Jesus hid it!”

“June, did you pee on the floor?”

“Jesus made me do it!”


And while we’re on Halloween related topics, Rex (5) is quite fascinated with his new best friend, his skeleton (meaning the one inside his body.) The other day he fell off the couch and banged his ribs.

“Skeleton! Skeleton, are you in there? Are you broken? SPEAK TO ME SKELETON, SPEAK TO ME!” He and his skeleton are tight like that. I guess it finally responded, because eventually he stopped yelling at it and asked for a hot dog.

We’re blessing the baby on Halloween, and I made her blessing gown. If it sounds ambitious, it isn’t. It’s stupid. If you could see the current state of my house, you would probably think that I’m on vacation in Bermuda and left the trolls in charge of housekeeping. There’s a campfire happening in the living room, two new tree houses have cropped in the family room, and the kids are literally scaling the laundry pile to get to their very empty dressers.

But Georgia’s got a blessing gown.

Since it’s Halloween, I made her a vampire gown. We’re going to paint bite marks on her neck and put some little fake vampire teeth in her mouth for Sunday. It will be so adorable in sacrament meeting.




  1. I hope you make sure she has some sparkly nipples.

  2. Speak to me skeleton! Love it. I want kids that are that awesome:)

  3. You know, if you did do that you probably wouldn’t have any time consuming callings for awhile . . . genius!

  4. My 3YO is amazed by her bones right now too. “Hey, Mom! I have bones! Look!” I bet the gown is beautiful!

  5. Thank you for being normal (except for the whipping up a blessing gown part). 🙂

  6. I’m coming dear—–Hang on!

  7. Love it! They grow so fast and they will never remember how messy the house was. They will remember how much fun they had sliding down the laundry!! (Trust me on this as I have several years worth of experience).

  8. You’re so bad. You’re a bad, bad person. I’ve taken everything you’ve said on this post, like, uber seriously. Poor Jesus. And there aren’t cowgirls in China. If you were raising good children instead of mountain goats they’d know that. And I assume you’re blessing that baby in the church of SATAN, because that’s what vampire lovers and Harry Potter fans are; lovers and/or fans of Satan.

    (Hang on, I have to scroll back up and see what other evil things you said on this evil, evil blog that I can’t seem to stop reading)

    Oh, yeah. Why is your 5 year old so obsessed with his body? Does he have an eating disorder? How does he even know he HAS a skeleton, hmm? Does everyone in that house just run around with their skeletons hanging out? What, you don’t own a bathrobe? Oh, wait. It’s probably in that pile of laundry. What else is in there? SPANDEX??

    I absolutely can NOT wait to see what evil you post next. That’s right, missy. I’ll be reading and judging. Reading and judging, reading and judging. That’s what folks like me have dedicated our pitiful lives to doing.

    (Oh, and I miss you. And love you. And I think your kids are hilarious.)

  9. I had this great comment all lined up and then I read DeNae’s comment and fell to pieces laughing. Oh man. The two of you are a lethal force. 😉

    I ADORE that Rex is talking to his skeleton. What a smart, smart kid. =D Ni Hao, away!

  10. Oh. My. Gosh! The skeleton comment had me laughing so hard I had to re-read a couple of times. Gotta love kids. And the vampire blessing dress. Priceless.

  11. I’d only be nervous if his skeleton answered back! That is too great. And I can’t wait to see pictures of all these great costumes.