There comes a point in every woman’s life when she has to ask herself that dreaded question: Do I want to do laundry, or go buy everybody socks?

It’s not that I haven’t been doing the big stuff, I’ve just been avoiding the under the bed clothes, the pieces that get mixed in with the toys and the camping gear. The behind-the-couch crap, all those bits we like to pretend no longer exist.

But, since I’m a frugal soul who doesn’t want to drop an easy $20 on any more socks (since I’ve been buying them weekly), I embarked this morning on The Great Sock Hunt. Wow do we have a ton of forgotten socks. I found socks from when Jason was a baby, it’s been so long since I looked.

(Also, I like to have an excuse to go to Ross.)

And I might as well tell you all where I’m at with my awesome post-pregnancy weight loss. It’s been five weeks and I’m losing it so fast (lie), I can’t believe how skinny I feel (big fat lie). It’s like the baby weight is just melting off me faster than I know what to do with (oh crap, there goes my nose again).

This is me practicing the fine art of, “If you say it enough times, it will come to pass.”

Okay, I can’t sit here burning nap time any longer. The sty is calling.


  1. What is the deal with laundry? When I was working full-time, I did about 4 loads on the weekend and called it good.

    Now that I’m home all day, I’m doing 2 freakin’ loads a day! And Aspen almost never spits up or poops on everything, so I’m not washing her things daily… it’s like some weird alternate laundry universe.

  2. I totally know what you mean about losing the weight. It’s like, I’m not even trying and I am looking better every day. I almost have a six pack now. Awesome.

    PS-I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too many socks.

  3. I know I am going to see you in a couple of days, and you will have become an Olsen twin. If you cry about the fact you are so fat, I will punch you in the face.

  4. where’s the ‘like’ button around these here parts?!?

  5. ….not to mention the ‘welcome to my life’ button…..

  6. The baby weight is just melting off of me, too (lie). I now weigh less than I did when the hubs and I got married (big fat lie). Does this “say it enough times and it will come to pass” thing really work?

  7. Now that’s a practical Idea I can live with…..when not caught up with laundry, go buy new stuff.
    No, seriously, this will make you puke….but I hardly have any laundry. Just me and hubby reduces laundry like 1000 fold (hah, fold, as in laundry, I am so clever)

    Your weight loss success sounds alot like mine.

  8. My baby weight actually did slide right off after I had Max, until I stopped nursing, then it came right back on.
    Plus some.

    (Ok, that was a lie, I didn’t really lose that much after he was born, but I did gain when I stopped nursing him)

  9. I’m a firm believer in having enough socks & underwear for all family members to last 3 wks. Not kidding. It truly pains me when my kids feet grow so much that I have to buy more socks.

    And the baby fat melted off me so fast it didn’t even stop as it raced around my body to land (& dig in!) on different parts of me.

  10. I’m with Sues2u2–have enough socks and underwear to last a good two weeks. Then you don’t have to do laundry for a good, long while!

  11. I have a sock basket at my house. It’s a rather large-ish laundry basket over flowing with socks. Last week I was sick of digging through the basked looking for socks for everyone and their dog– so I threw the entire basket away. In the trash. Gone.

    Then I bought everyone 10 new pair of socks.

    Best thing I ever did.

  12. Oh yeah, I swear the washer eats them!! It doesn’t matter how many I buy, we can never find the matches!! Now, I will only by white anklets. They are all the same size and the same brand. That way, there is only ever one that doesn’t have a match, and if I wait a week or two, it does.

  13. Buying more socks is actually a money saver and good for the environment. The more socks you have… the longer between loads of laundry… which saves water, detergent, and energy. It is a win for you and the environment and your pocketbook.

    All of that may be what I tell myself when I go buy new socks.

  14. I like Stephs version of buying socks for the good of the enviroment! LOL I hate socks, hubby and I wear the same, plain white socks. I have big feet lol. Emily gets to wear mismatched coloful socks because no matter what we do they all seem to end up somewhere else. I have two socks right now that are mismatched and I’ve probably rewashed them 10 times, I empty my basket and see them, see that they still have no matches and back to the dirty basket they go. One of these days … Course maybe I should look in the pile of socks that are unmatched. Hmmm