Eat more meat

My new column came out last Thursday. Since I was in St. George on vacay, far removed from anything high-speed, you missed it. But here’s the link, in case anyone wants to see it online.

I’ll update you on the rest of my life and all the fun and slightly disappointing things that happened over the weekend tomorrow. If I can still remember to type. Feels like so long since I logged on to anything, I almost forgot my password.


  1. Can I come for dinner??? I know June will let me in! You know they did it to me too and I had to deceive your father and not tell. It was late at night and they just had to empty their truck. Looking back, I’ll bet he doesn’t even start his day until 3;00 pm.

  2. Same dude came to my door with the same line as we were leaving for a doctor’s appointment. Did he leave his van running? If it’s the same guy (and it sounds like it is) the meat is delicious. I have never had such delicious chicken in my life. Oh yeah, he was selling chicken and beef the day he stopped here. Every time I see his van in our neighborhood, I just laugh. Someone else is buying what he’s selling.

  3. Heading over to read it now. Sounds like a good one! And we almost bought a year’s supply of meat from a guy. I’m sure our gas grill out back has never forgiven us for not signing up.

  4. I had been scouring the paper all week looking for it and was so excited when i found it.
    Read it.
    Loved it!

  5. That sounds so lovely. *sigh…* I LOVE beef! We got ambushed in Md but the guy there, well, I’ll be kind in telling you that I’ve never intentionally eaten roadkill before, but that sure tasted like what I imagined roadkill would.