I can breathe.

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

I know I’ve been painfully quiet this week, and there’s a reason. I’ve been suffering under a collasal case of writer’s block. It has been excruciatingly painful.

I think the reason behind my silence is tomorrow’s rapidly approaching deadline. It’s my first week writing for my new column (front page of the Plus’s section for the Standard Examiner) and I’ve been panicked that I couldn’t come up with anything appropriately entertaining. What if I’ve used all my good nonsense words up? What if nothing interesting ever happens to me again? What if I break all my fingers???

Thank goodness this morning provided enough material to produce 700 publishable words. Hallelujah.

Okay, just had to get it off my chest. The ice is broken, I’m alive again.



  1. Can’t wait to see the article!!

    And I’m the first commenter!!!

  2. Whew! I was worried!

  3. P.S. Your button is on my site under “laugh” (obviously). Not sure why it took me so long. Duh.

    • annie valentine says:

      I think you’re the first person who’s ever posted my button on their site! You just earned yourself a T-shirt.

  4. Hooray! Isn’t that the best feeling in the whole world? I know your column will be great. You’re awesome, Annie!

  5. I signed up for NaNo just because I have major writer’s block. That’s not to say I don’t have a BILLION things that need revision, mind you. But hey! Let’s do NaNo anyway!

    I’m an idiot.

  6. I signed up for Na Blo Po Mo to force myself to write something, but instead, I’ve just been cleaning out my drafts folder.

  7. Whoo, Hoo, I am looking forward to reading it tomorrow. By the way, I so hate it when that happens to me!! It is funny though, because once it happens, something always seems to come up to get me started again. I suspect that is what life is all about!! The things that are meaningful enough to write down!

  8. I’m excited to read it, I’m sure it will be awesome. I’ve been meaning to put your button on my blog, too. I had to do a bit of cleaning on the side bar first.

  9. Panic is such a wonderful non-motivator, eh? Glad to hear you’ve got your groove back. Can’t wait to read!