It’s picture time!

Please enjoy the highlights of my weekend, plus some of Veronica’s handiwork on Gigi’s behalf.

“Davy, Davy Crocket! King of the wild frontier…” I had to listen to Harrison and his cousin sing this song for 17 minutes straight one afternoon in the car. This was Jason’s Halloween costume 25 years ago, same jacket and everything.

Ragtime Cowboy Joe. And his snake. And his whale. Because what’s a cowboy without his whale? (ps – I made the chaps and the vest. His costume cost me a whopping $4.40. I love Wal Mart fabric center.)


Annie Oakley, minus the gun. Please do not give that girl a gun.



Finally, here are the belated newborn photos of my beautiful little Georgia peach. Veronica Reeve, my go-to professional for all photography needs, took these when she was two weeks old, sorry it’s taken me so long to post them, I’m lazy. We blessed her yesterday and I made the gown. As soon as I take photos I’ll post them. Hopefully before she turns eight.


If you check out Veronica’s blog and scroll down a bit, you can get a sneak peak at my Christmas card. It’s about three posts down. (And no one should have managed to get such an amazing picture of Rexy, he was being an absolute stinker that day. Refused to take off the stupid hat and scarf.)


  1. Your kids are adorable. And you’re right. They all look like Jason.

    And the picture of Gigi are adorable. It makes me hate her less. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve commented before the flood! Well, the minute I saw Davy Crockett I wondered…. could that costume possibly have a Sears label inside the same way my hubby’s vest & chaps do that my children have worn in Halloweens past?

    My blessed mother-in-law saves just about everything and one of those things was this gorgeous, real leather cowboy vest & chaps with silver buckles & the works!! When I saw it was from Sears I thought, “Gosh, they sure don’t make stuff like this any more!” and by that I mean two things. 1 – NOTHING is that well-made these days re: Costumes and 2 – I wonder why they had these at all and when were they offered? Was it Halloween only or was this a regular item? Wouldn’t that be awesome if they came out with something like that again?

    Hope all is going well in your home!

  3. Awesome costumes!! And one adorable baby!

  4. Annie, what a sweetie pie baby! Veronica ROCKS!

    And your cute kids are so grown up.

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  5. Love the cowboy theme. The look on June’s face in her photo is definitely regal. Good luck with that one:)

  6. Stephanie says:

    She is so beautiful! Congratulations, Annie! Love all the Halloween costumes, too!

  7. She’s such a beautiful baby, Annie. Simply delicious. The cowboy theme is awesome and I’ll be singing “Davy Crockett” all afternoon.

  8. Holy adorable baby pics. Also, that jacket ROCKS. I bet it lasts another 25 years …

  9. My grandma…like a thousand years ago…had the sheet piano music to Davey Crockett. I used to sing it all the time.
    beautiful baby
    can’t wait to see the other photos of her blessing

    King of the wild frontier

  10. Oh, I love the baby pictures. She is gorgeous. I also really like the annie oakley costume. That is too stinkin cute!! We require homemade costumes in our family. Mom just can’t justify the expense for store bought ones that wear out on halloween night. The kids really have a great time making their own. I love the idea of using old costumes. I have also found thrift stores have some amazing finds!

  11. They’re all so cute. And now I’ve got “You Cain’t Get a Man With a Gun” running through my head. Thanks for that!

    So how did you get your baby to sleep during the naked on a blanket photo shoot? Slip a little Benadryl in the ol’ breast milk? Ha! I kid. No, I was mostly surprised she wasn’t freezing. And I love those baby toes. We call them pigs in our family.

  12. The costumes are adorable and your baby pictures are to die for! What a beauty she is!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

  13. Hey there! I thought I’d stop by and see if you had your little one–looks like you have and what a doll she is! Congratulations!

    Oh, and I have been reading your skinny posts–I’m starting today 🙂

    Cheers from England,


  14. I’m kind of in love with those pictures of your baby. (Except that my photography skills are like olive green with envy, which taints the feeling a little…)

  15. Your kids look adorable! If the costumes are any indication than I’d say Halloween was a huge hit!

    Love all of the photos. And your Christmas pic is perfect.

  16. They are all such fabulous pictures. Your kids are adorable and so full of life and love. You are so talented, inside and out. Your kids are very lucky as are you to have them in your life. I’d give anything to go back these 8 months.

  17. please say that is a fake snake. It looks sooooooo real.

    And may I please borrow your baby until she is a teenager?

  18. Oh my goodness your kids are adorable! Looking at the pics of Georgia makes me realize that I did not get to hold her nearly long enough at GNO, and I need another turn.