A real Charlie Brown Christmas

In all actuality, Christmas had nothing to do with Charlie Brown (unless you count the Snoopy wrapping paper that my kids went gaga for).

You know, sometimes the best memories happen by lucky accident. December 25th was one of those days.

Christmas morning was far too wonderful, kids aren’t supposed to be that happy. It took us an hour and a half to open gifts, because they spent so much time loving each and every Walmart/Dollar Store special. It was awesome. I say this with total assurance that someday very soon they’ll all grow up and get picky/emotional/selfish on Christmas morning.

At noon, we put the June Bug down for a nap and took the other kids to see “Tangled”. Big mistake, she should have come with us. I cried twice (so did Harrison).

After lunch we drove through most of Grays Harbor County (we’re up in Washington) looking for some kind of open eating establishment. Finally, as we came to the tail end of Elma, we saw life in the Elma Lanes bowling alley. Lucky for us, they have a working bar with really good bar food. We ate, we bowled, we laughed–it is my best Christmas memory ever.

I hope you all have a wonderful week between, filled with whatever it is that makes you happy. Here’s this week’s column. I love you all! Happy New Year to my nearest and dearest, thank you for all the virtual friendship.


  1. Sounds simply perfect.

  2. I think it sounds like a wonderful day. Filled with family and that is what counts most of all. Have a wonderful New Year.

  3. By the way. I love, love, love your column this week. It was amazing and way too true!

  4. Say Hi to Jen. I still think about her from time to time and wonder how she is doing.

  5. Is that how you know Jenny? I went to Elma last March. 🙂

  6. ps – I love your new picture on the Standard article. The bangs and color look smoking hot!

  7. My kids LOVED Tangled! My girlfriend and her husband took their little girl and they (the parents) both cried too! Is it sad? Why’s everyone gettin’ all bawly?

    And I love bowling alley food. So yummy!