Englebert Humperdink is coming to town

There are very few artists I would pay to see in person. I have six on my list: two are dead (Michael Jackson and Dan Fogelberg), two I’ve seen (Neal Diamond and Michael Buble), one will probably never tour again (Garth Brooks), and the sixth is pushing the age limit. Number six is Englebert Humperdink. I. Love. Him.

My sister Jen called a few weeks ago to inform me that Englebert is coming to Washington. Since I’m a third generation fan, seeing him with my mother and sisters would be better than a seance. There’s no way my dead grandma would miss out, we’d probably have to buy her ghost a ticket just to avoid freaking people out. Honestly, I thought old Eng would croak before we had the chance (that will be a very sad day for all of us).

But when I got online and looked for tickets, they were way expensive–we’re talking starting in the low $100’s and going upward from there. I think front row is close to $400 a pop. I guess most of his fans have nothing better to spend their social security checks on.

Since my sisters and I are all way too poor to pay that kind of money in the name of fandome, no matter how iconic, paying for this is out. So I’ve decided to write him a letter and gush a little about his wonderfulness, and my poor old mama who’s fought breast cancer, and her poor old mama (an original fan) who died of breast cancer, and all the rest of us girls who also have breasts–I’m hoping if I mention breasts enough someone will give me a chance to win some tickets.

So the letters go off this week, along with a three generational photo, in hopes of a Christmas/February miracle.

I’ll let you know. Here’s one more, for the road. If you ask me, the guy’s still got it.


  1. I am always so amazed by you.

  2. We call him Mr. Humpy around these parts.

  3. Neil Diamond was wonderful wasn’t he? I LOVE him! Here’s to you & your sisters getting tickets. I think mentioning breasts every other word should do it. hee,hee

  4. You know I love Engelbert, too. How weird is it that we’re both fans? And I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about the time I talked to him on the phone, haven’t I? Yeah, I’m wicked famous.

  5. Oh, I love him too. I got to see Dan Fogelberg once. He was pretty amazing. I also saw Neil Diamond and I thought he was great. I would also love to see this show, but it is way too far from my house for me to make it. I hope you get to go!

  6. You mention breasts just enough that I’ve had to disable my content filter for your blog 🙂 It doesn’t like you at all . . . . . . . don’t worry, I like you, so it doesn’t matter what my software thinks about you!!!

  7. I can’t think of anything that would be more awesome than for your family to get tickets as a result of your letter. Please keep us posted!!

    Also, I’m overwhelmingly jealous that you’ve seen Neal Diamond. Love him.

  8. my grandma loves this guy.
    but she also loves julio iglesias.
    no lie. 🙂 so if she likes him STILL,
    then that must be a good sign.
    at least she REMEMBERS him!

    on the PCness topic?
    you’ve GOT to go check out cherie’s post @ bakow babble.
    great comic, just sayin’.

  9. Thanks for the bloggy love:) And I’ll admit, the only Humperdink I know is the one in The Princess Bride. I’ll look Englebert up though.

  10. Your so cute!!! I REALLY hope you get those tickets for you and your family, that would be awesome! ✿

  11. I think we need to go to Vegas again and see MY one true music love: Garth Brooks. I’ve seen him once. I was on the 3rd row on the floor. He came with Trisha Yearwood. It was AMAZING!!! Seeing him in Vegas is a dream of mine, now.

  12. Camille Fox says:

    I love him too Annie. Please share if/when something becomes of your letter!