Who let her have that Ovaltine?

Per Kristina’s suggestion, I think it’s only fair I give credit where credit is due to the Ovaltine picture.

On Monday, my bestie and I headed out to run errands. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for June (and subsequently for me). Her world is in grade A trauma from the infant we call Sister, and she seems determined to get attention by any means possible. Riding in the car with her during the past few weeks has been less than pleasant. She likes to yell at me. “It’s Red!! STOP!!! No, Green, GO GO GO GO! You’re not going fast enough! Beat him, Mommy, beat him! Oh, and I just pooped my pants!” Kinda like that.

On Monday we headed off for preschool (Rex and Maggie), and for the first twenty minutes in the car June sat in the back like a beautiful little mute angel. I couldn’t believe how my luck had turned. I kept complimenting her, “Junie baby, you’re such a good girl! Thank you for riding so quietly.”

Then I stopped and went to get her out of the back. That’s when I saw it. She had smuggled the entire can of Ovaltine into her purse, with a spoon, and was shoveling it into her face as fast as possible. Oh, let’s look at it one more time. Just for fun.

So if you have nothing better to do, I’m still open to any tag line your pretty little head comes up with. Here or there, doesn’t matter.


  1. Oh, I love it. I am still laughing over this. I am so glad you shared the story. That really is the best part.

  2. That is too cute and hilarious. Seriously, it’s moments like these that make it worth it. June, you’re my kinda gal. I’m smuggling all sorts of food into MY purse!

  3. We must never let our daughters meet!!!!

  4. “Maybe if I smile as big as I can, mommy will let me have some more…”


    “Maybe if I smile as big as i can, mommy won’t get mad…”

    Cute picture!!

  5. Chocolate: therapy at any age.

  6. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! That story is almost better than the picture. tee,hee,hee, I’m sorry but I’m really enjoying the giggle.

  7. I think you might the first person I’ve ever met that has actually bought Ovaltine. Is it good? Maybe it’s a west coast thing? Seriously though… the picture is priceless. I love the forethought required to not just sneak the ovaltine, but also sneak a spoon. So well prepared!

  8. I love the picture. I think you need to put it on the wall somewhere!
    Can of Ovaltine, $10.23
    Picture of child after eating said Ovaltine,

    Love it, love it, love it!!

  9. I get what I want, just like my Mommy!

  10. The story is even better! She is a natural for sneaking treats into the movie theater. In fact, here’s my second entry: “You think this is bad…wait until you see the ginormous root beer, bucket of popcorn and theater-sized box of Junior Mints I have stashed in my back pocket!”

  11. That is hilarious! What a darling little munchkin!

  12. Have chocolate–will travel:)

  13. I’ve stashed all shorts of things in my pockets, but never Ovaltine! Now I have a new treat! My dad used to play “Jell-o Sheriff” at our house when we didn’t want to take the time to make a treat. We would sit in a circle and he would spoon jell-o powder into our mouths . . . get ready world for the Ovaltine Sheriff!

  14. the story makes the picture even better!!!

    Happiness is a whole can of Ovaltine.
    Quiet? Quiet is a sure sign of trouble.

  15. Ovaltine…so you can drink like Grandpa and look like him too.

  16. The story is the best part. That must be some purse she’s got.

    Let’s see:

    Ovaltine: A devilish smile in every can.

    Ovaltine: And they said DVD’s and head phones would shut em up.

    Ovaltine for world peace. Who knew?

    Ovaltine, now in a convenient travel pack.

    What do potty training, sibling rivalry and happiness have in common? Ovaltine

  17. Wait, I came by to get the chicken pot pie recipe and got distracted by Ovaltine. Great, dinner’s gonna be late again.

  18. It’s never too young to start drowning your sorrows in chocolate.

    (Do you know I used to dump buckets of Quik powder all over a bowl of vanilla ice cream? True story. I actually relished the grainy texture of the chocolate. And then I grew a palette.)