Best. Weekend. Ever.

I would love to start out with something witty and enlightening, but I used my funny all up this weekend with my sisters.

Holy crap we had so much fun.

Each year, my mother and two of my older sisters and I get together for a weekend getaway in February. We leave hearth and home behind and meet up for three days of Old Country Buffets and Ross marathons.

This year our mama was particularly festive, she went so far as to bring a Grab Bag filled with  mostly cheap prizes that could be earned with good behavior, coke-through-the-nose jokes (cttn is the new lol), or willingness to try on particularly unattractive clothing (or prom dresses).

Here I am working on my “second chance prom” look. We might or might not have brought in the janitor to help zip me into this dress. And yes, I’ve got all my undergarments tucked away under my armpits. They were kind of ruining the picture.

We took Georgia with us and she was an absolute angel. Minus the time she “got violent” and attacked my mother with kicking and headbutting because I took off to the hot tub without her. Apparently her finely tuned smelling skills told her that lunch had left the building.

All in all, it was an absolutely amazing weeked. I fly home tonight and can’t wait to hug and squeeze my babies and their father. There’s nothing like a few days away to make me conveniently forget all the puking and the biting. Get ready because Mama’s coming home tonight!

PS – Vanessa named me her Monday. Swing over and take a peek, if you’d like.


  1. Sounds like such a fun time.
    So…what was your prize for trying on that dress 🙂

  2. I so need someone to fund a weekend like this for me.

    And my, oh my are there some ugly dresses in this world… not that you aren’t totally rocking the one that you have on. I mean, if anyone can pull off giant blue rosettes, it’s definitely you.

  3. What a great weekend! Sounds like you had so much fun. Nice dress. Snicker.

  4. I am so glad I am not the only grown women that does this with her two little sisters still. Last time we talked my brother into coming and dressed him up like Jon Gosselin.

  5. You look hawt in that dress! It brings out the blue in your eyes. ;o)

  6. I think there should be more prom dress pictures:)

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Was Jen there? I miss her blog.

  7. That sounds simply delightful! I love girl’s weekends!

  8. This makes me wish I had lots of sisters. I like your slutty classy look.

  9. This summer I’m doing the same thing! Well, w/ my bil’s & all of the kids too. I’m thinking we’ll leave the *classic* prom/bridesmaid dresses to you & your sisters cause my mom won’t remember the prizes. You definitely deserve a prize for putting that dress on. The color is amazing on you though.

  10. What a fantastic weekend…get away…cttn (funny) Actually I thought the prom dress was rather stunning ….blue is soooo your color. And the pose totally screamed “YES SECOND CHANCE”

    now back to the puking…….and biting from your hubby (cttn) TMI…….whatever.

  11. Jealous. The best thing about it is that mom is as much fun as the sisters.

  12. Sounds like a totally awesome weekend!!
    I’m sure baby was very happy that lunch returned to the building.

    I’m sure the janitor had a memorable experience as well.

    Enjoy home and hearth.

  13. Can you adopt me, please? I promise to contribute some cctn moments to the adventure!

  14. Ummm… BEST picture in the world. Seriously… You are now my hero. And you look SEXY hot mama of 4.