Holy crap I actually won something.

Honestly, when I see give-a-way’s I don’t usually even comment. Let’s face it, my chances at winning things stink. I know, The Secret will tell you that these statements alone are holding me back from certain lottery success, but I can’t help it. I never. Win. Anything.

Until now.

That’s right, this week my children and I received a package in the mail from none other than the fabulous Vanessa Brown who never grew up, and holy crap, I’m so excited. I won a fairy garden! Rex is freaking out, it’s like a dream come true. And the best part? They’re all old enough to not eat the dirt.

We’re planning to crack it open tonight and get the dirt down, then make a few fairy suggested additions. I love you Vanessa, thanks for making me a better mom.


  1. How awesome to live on the East coast and see that I can be the 1st to comment. You are right . . . . . You are hung by your tongue!!!!! My husband always says we are going to win when we enter contests, and you wouldn’t believe how many we HAVE one. Just speak it and believe it.

    WOW, how’s that for PMA???


  2. Oh my goodness . . . . substitute “won” for “one” up on that comment!!!!! I’m sure this comes from my days of learning shorthand. Do they even teach that now-a-days???? It killed my spelling!!!

  3. Wow! What a fun giveaway. Have a great time planting.

  4. Congrats……not sure which thing though.
    Awesome to win, but even more awesome that they are old enough to not eat dirt.

  5. Okay, that fairy garden is darling!!!

  6. Dang it all! I wanted to win that fairy garden! I’d like to say it couldn’t have gone to a better person…but I’m not sure I can. 😉

  7. I was going to tell you what we planted in ours….one was Ivy and the two other things…I DID know what they are. But then when making tomato soup the other night it exploded all over OUR fairy garden…so I am having to re-do the whole darned thing. But I am glad you entered and won !

  8. Oh that is totally cool! So glad that you won and hope you love it!!