flu and other thrilling news

We officially have the super flu. Remember the colds and ear infections my girls have been fighting this last week? They have now morphed into the throw-ups, and from what I hear we’re not alone. Poor Jason, he’s got it as well. Of course, it didn’t keep him from going to work and infecting the rest of the world, but we all know that’s completely out of my control.

Due to said sickness, Georgia is having a Hold Me Baby Day. I can’t even put her in the sling, she wants me to sit and hold her while she tries to breath through her sadly congested nose. And I don’t care what the doctors all say, I miss the good old days of infant Rondec and other decongestant medications. They keep telling me that “those drugs never really worked” and “saline is the best method”.

Let me tell you right now, they totally worked on my babies. This saline solution, snot sucking crap is just not cutting it. Give me a good prescription strength cold medicine that can help her sleep and eat without a steady diet of mucus running out her nose and down her throat and we’ll all be a little happier.

On a less ill note, my children are insanely happy to be home, and I couldn’t agree more. The hum of my dryer and a little PBS kids in the back ground this morning is like music to my vacationed-out ears.

And now for my best news, we found a home in Germany! Apparently, they’re closing down a number of overseas bases and sending more people to Ramstein. This means there’s a current shortage of 4-5 bedroom homes. We’ve heard of families spending 2-3 months in temporary housing before settling on something.

We fly out July 18th and the family currently living there leaves a week later. After getting two totally random recommendations for this exact same house from two unrelated individuals, it feels pretty obvious that Heavenly Father is handing us something and we’d be idiots not to take it. Sight unseen isn’t that big of a deal when you’ve got faith on your side, right?




  1. I can’t wait to see the pics. Sorry you guys are sick! You probably got some mouse virus.

    We need to get together! I have all your crap in my car.

  2. I wish I was on vacation. But not to Disneyland and not with my children. Ahhhhhhhh I wish I was on a beach somewhere…

  3. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. Found you recently and love your stuff! I’d like to be first to welcome you to this side of the pond and know you’ll love your German adventure as we have! I’ve got kids similar ages to yours and we’ve traveled more than is probably healthy for my sanity, but we’ve lived to tell some good tales! Congrats on the house and you’re absolutely right in snatching one up! We’re in Stuttgart 😉

  5. sues2u2 says:

    I’m w/ you. Those meds did work. I would have gone nuts w/o them cause my son was a NICU baby w/ respiratory problems & even w/ his albutarol (sp & it’s an asthma med) we needed all the help we could get sometimes.

    The creepy cruds are annoying. Hope everyone feels better soon!

    Yeah on the housing situation! There’s a couple of restaurants that are to die for over there if you like German cuisine. Actually I’m not certain they’re still there. It’s been 13 yrs since we left & I couldn’t give you directions if my life depended on it! Sorry. Wish I was going though.

  6. When you’ve got faith on your side, you can do anything (including laundry, PBS, runny noses, vomit and all other flu-like symptoms while still maintaining your sanity).

  7. Hi this is Nicole @ Honey Bump
    Love the posts! Call me please 🙂 801-444-0900
    I remember now reading your column about the wardrobe malfunction! Great story.

  8. Yay! congrats! Pictures, puhlease?? Can’t wait to see (squeal. . . European home!)

    Hope you are all feeling better ASAP.

  9. Oh, I hope you all love Germany. I still wish I would have gotten to go there. I think it is pretty amazing that you get to. i am so sorry that you are sick. We had that last week and it was not fun. I hope that you all get well soon.

  10. I have just been trying to catch up a little on your blog. First of all, I am so sorry to hear that everyone has been sick. I wish you all a speedy recovery. Germany? That is awesome and you will love it! I spent some time in Berlin when my (ex) husband was in the Air Force. That is great news that you found a home. Good luck with all you have to do between now and your move.

  11. First of all CONGRATS on the new house. Definitely divine intervention.

    Second, Colton wasacongested and sick for several nights last week. I dug through all of my kiddos meds and came up with somePedia Care Cough and Pedia Care Congestion. Yeah, don’t watch the news, read the paper, look at Yahoo’s home page and really had completely forgotten that there was ever a ‘deal’ with this stuff. After hours of non-sleep and floor walking I gave my baby a good dose (following all of the instructions of course-duh parents!) and he fell asleep :20 min later. Followed this protocol the next night and then took him to the dr. She asked, I told, she looked shocked and I came home to look at the boxes. they expired in 2008. you can’t tell me this stuff doesn’t work. So sad it’s off the market. So glad this is my last baby and I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

    Hope Georgia and everyone else is doing much better.