Put down your phone already

The concert was epic. I actually felt emotional at one point because they are that good.

But the thing that I found colossally heartbreaking was the guy in front of me. He spent the entire concert taking “videos” with his i phone. He didn’t put that thing down once to see what was happening on the other side of his stupid screen. Bono in 2D is so much better.

Quite frankly, I saw 4000 of this dude’s friends doing the exact same thing. I felt like yelling, “Put your freaking phones away and open your eyes, for crying out loud this is U2!” Of course I didn’t because no one would have heard me over the awesomeness of the band. Plus I didn’t want to lose the beat or expend judging energy until after the concert.

Sometimes I think we get so tuned into how the world looks through our phone or our computer or our DVR that we completely lose the point.

Today I’m getting together with my SIL for a playdate with our kids. With this move riding up on me like a tight pair of jeans, I want to take advantage of this time to love being here in America. The parks, the hikes, the McDonald playlands…life in the USA kind of rocks.

And hey, I can take the internet with me.

(PS – For future reference, never wear stilettos to a concert when you might or might not have to walk 11 eternal blocks to the car because trains are dumb. And yeah, the last four blocks I went barefoot.)


  1. Well said. If you’re there, you should BE there.

  2. BAHAHA! I totally know what you mean about people trying so hard to document their life events that LIFE itself actually passes them by! I’m in college, and not gonna lie: my friends and I totally stage fake, really fun-looking outings and parties, take pictures, and post them on Facebook so we look cool. 😉

  3. What I want to know is how the whole explaining your double life as a tramp thing went with your seatmates. And I put away my phone after snapping a few photos. Even though we were in nosebleed, it was still an awesome experience!

  4. Our U2 concert wan’t cancelled, so it happened as scheduled — when I 8 months or so pregnant with LaneyKate. So no stilettos, and Natasha (or someone like her) had obviously already done her work as far as our marriage was concerned. My kid was cooler than me even before she was born, because she experienced Muse, Coldplay, and U2 in utero.

    And also, I cried several times during the concert. And not just because I was pregnant and someone spilled beer on me. Like, just because of the sheer magnitude of the experience. And because I totally love it when the Edge plays all acoustic-like. Especially “Stuck in a Moment”. Aren’t you glad you went?

  5. I took video of the concert, too. But my phone only records in 60 second increments so I have a lot of the openings of my favorite songs.

    The concert was epic and even better I took my 16 yo daughter, her BFF and my baby sister with me and we all swooned like love-sick-crazy fools. It was the funnest thing I have done in a LONG time.

  6. Just found your blog and love it! Or, rather, I just found you and love you. Did I miss where you said where you’re moving? My husband is hauling my blog-writing butt to the Netherlands this summer. I should have gotten a real job… 🙂