Itsy bitsy blue swimsuit

My man has nice legs. When I say nice legs, I mean legs that look strong enough to pull his family across the desert in a hand cart nice. They’re gorgeous.

His are even cuter.

I think it’s only appropriate that nice legs be displayed whenever possible. Unfortunately for me, the styles during the past ten years have dictated that men wear long shorts.

Until now.

Last month, while vacationing in Vegas, we were shopping at H&M and ran across two pair of uber cute, short swim trunks for men; I totally talked him into buying them.

Then I ran home and burned all his other swim trunks because I’m sneaky like that.

Last night Jason and I went out to the pool for an evening soak after the kids were in bed. Jason was wearing his itsy bitsy blue shorts and I couldn’t wait to ogle him in the moonlight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize just how shy he is about his fantastic legs. The boy would not get out of the pool to join the grown ups in the hot tub. Why? He said it was because he liked the (slightly cold) pool, but we all know the truth: he didn’t want to incite public jealousy over his super short sexy swim trunks.

Now if he’ll only come out of hiding with them.

We were there an hour and a half. I was very close to serenading him about the dangers of polka dot bikinis. Love those itsy bitsy teeny weeny super sexy short (not really) bikini swim trunks.


  1. Is that an actual picture?

  2. I’m not much of a fan of the tiny man shorts. But maybe that’s because my man has chicken legs…

  3. Is that the style of shorts you’re talking about? Because I was picturing the exact shorts Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale….yummmm

  4. I’m with your hubby on this one . . . . . short guy shorts are almost as bad as a speedo . . . . . almost!

  5. My husband also has very nice legs. And he would be as wiilling to show them off as yours.

  6. Well, yeah, that’s very cool….I mean, better then the speedo which shows us a little more then we care to see. (well, then I care to see)
    Glad he has the legs to carry you through (whatever)….and you have the smile to carry it all off.