Home at last

It’s three am and I should be sleeping. We’ve got church tomorrow and I have clothes to iron. Oh wait, I should probably do that right now.

I can’t sleep because today we met our home. It’s old, it’s German, and I think it’s been waiting half a century for us to come find it. Like any other talented obsesser, I have been laying in bed for the past two hours putting my things away in my head; couch here, picutures there–no wait, there…yeah, it’s going to be a long six weeks before our crap arrives.

But the best part (if that’s even possible) is how incredibly efficient Heavenly Father is at answering my prayers. Seriously, you should all get in on this praying business because let me tell you, He’s kind of amazing.

For example, I’ve had a number of quiet concerns. I’m worried about finding a friend close by. I’m worried about how I’ll ever locate a decent babysitter in this little village. I’m worried about friends for my kids. I’m worried about being a civilian and needing to locate a pediatrician, and then trying to work out getting the insurance to pay them back. This, honestly, is about my list.

Apparently, God is listening.

Today we met a Mormon family that flew in on the Rotator with us. They have five children; their oldest is a beautiful 12-year-old who loves to babysit. Their second is a nine-year-old boy who needs a friend (like Harrison), then they have three daughters, ages six, four and one.

If I don’t frighten her off with my overbearing “let me help clean your bathroom” ways, the mom seems incredibly down to earth and just my type (since I’m not necessarily heavy on the down to earth business and am routinely in need of such a friend). And not only is the dad the nicest, coolest guy ever (next to Jason), he’s a PE-DE-A-TRI-CIAN.

Cha-ching. Oh yeah, ’cause Jesus loves us.

Now I need to repent for all my evilness and seek to be worthy of such miraculous, rocking blessings.

(We. Love. Germany.)


  1. Gotta love when the tender mercies are right smack dab in your lap! Miss your face…

  2. I love this. God is taking care of you, knows your worries. Love it. And even more, I love that you recognize it.

  3. I’m sure you’ll make fast friends. We had breakfast with Adam’s cousin a couple of weeks ago, and they have been living in Taiwan for a few years. They say that Expats tends to become friends very quickly, especially LDS members because there are so few of them around.

  4. Let me know if you ever bump into Al and Jeni Nascimento over there…stationed in Germany…I know it’s a big place but you never know, right?

  5. This makes me smile!

  6. God is good. prayer is too. hope church was wonderful! ::hugs::

  7. Oh, my heart is smiling for you. So glad for all of the updates knowing you are alive and feeling wonderful about everything. This family probably also thinks you guys are an answer to their prayers. Love ya.

  8. Better get on that repenting thing. You have a long ways to go.

    Miss you.

  9. I’m glad you made it safely and that things are falling into place for you.

  10. Yay! So glad that things are working out so well! PS How is your hair now?

  11. Oh Annie wow you must have been really good lately 😉 That is just awesome.

  12. Holy hormonal, your post made me cry like a baby! (But alas, I’ve cried over worse things… Like when I saw AT&T’s “lost dog” commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THWyMNsm1SY) LOL!

    I’ve been praying hard for you and your family (especially to find a great new Germany-Bestie, because I know how crucial a friend is in order to keep your sanity!), so I am so glad to hear things are coming together. It is always amazing to me how the Lord blesses us with circumstances better than we could even imagine when we take that blind leap of faith!

  13. sues2u2 says:

    My but the Lord does work in mysterious ways! So glad to hear that all is working out. My guess is that y’all will be bff faster than your head can spin! Good luck anyway.

  14. I was going over with my husband all the things that I miss about where we used to live that I haven’t found a good replacement for here. (Besides friends, because those aren’t replaceable)
    The Pediatrician and our old Gym were at the top of our list.
    Funny, huh, the things you want to be able to count on?

  15. What a great story! He always surprises me with things in my life I totally do not deserve, which makes it all the more amazing. Though we only spend a total of about 1 hr. together, I know i want to keep in touch forever. Giving me the chance to meet you was God’s tender mercy to ME.
    All the best!