Two days in Garmisch

We had a three-day weekend in Garmisch, thanks to Jason’s TDY, and left on Thursday. It was mostly a blast, interspersed with some unfortunate head kicking (June, not me) and a day of nasty rain clouds.

I did not buy this dress. I really really wanted to buy this dress. Instead, we bought the girls traditional Bavarian drindle dresses (I’ll post pictures next week when they wear them for the first time) that cost us nearly a month’s rent. Okay, not quite that much but I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we didn’t eat much on Saturday.

This would have been the perfect afternoon in a German paddle boat had I not gotten stung by a bee on my ring finger the second I stepped in. Ouch to the tenth power. At least it was me and not one of the kids, they absolutely loved this part of the weekend. We took the boat out on Lake Eibsee. Tons of people were swimming, most of them had clothes on. We did wave to one older couple only to realize that they were both buck naked. They waved back.

We took an amazing hike and got this really cool picture of red tape.

This is right before the storm hit. I think I would have preferred cats and dogs over the rain, it was 50 degrees and pouring buckets. We had to stop and buy me a jacket (I didn’t bring one from Utah and our stuff will never, ever get here) so I had to run in and grab something at C&A. (For the record, Dave Ramsey hates it when I have to make unexpected purchases like that. He doesn’t want me to be cold, but can’t I just run in place or something?) By the time we left Schloss Linderhoff (our only attempt to sight see on Saturday) the kids were all bawling about being cold and wet and I couldn’t feel my hands or feet.

The good news is that we discovered on the way home that McDonald’s here does in fact have a Euro menu! Unfortunately the ones around our air base do not because they know the Americans will pay through the nose for our Pommes and cheeseburgers.

All in all, the kids were pretty darn good on this trip and I’m feeling more and more confident that we can take them out in public without getting arrested. Good thing because we’ve got an 11 day cruise scheduled for November–Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel–and they have to come with us (it was too darn cheap to pass up). I’ve got to get them in shape so no one loses a hand (do they still do that?).



  1. Dave Ramsey, Dave Schmanzee. I guarantee he would never go cold in a storm. He would buy a jacket, too!

  2. I can’t wait until you have to post about your first German hair coloring experience. I have a feeling Dave will have to step in for that as well.

  3. You just missed Duane! He was in Garmisch from the 1st of the month to the 20th. Sad news for you eh;-) Looks beautiful there! Duane did bring me home a drindle and blusen and bought himself some lederhosen. He is German affeter all so he should have those things right!?!

  4. I miss Germany pommes lol. They use that healthier oil lol! But never got the bit about mayonaise only for them blech! Great pictures looks funs.