sucked in

I have spent the past week sneaking moments alone with my Kindle. With a number of important and inspiring books loaded right now, including and not limited to impressive biographies and the Bible, what do you think has me completely sucked in? Vampire books. And yes, I thought long and hard about that pun.

Call me a literary junkie, but if you write a decent vampire book I will read it. I will then spend the next week wandering around Europe sizing people up to determine whether or not I think they’d make a good vampire. I think the military has some very promising candidates.

I’ve been so bogged down trying to crawl out from the cardboard rubble over the past three weeks that there has hardly been a moment to read or write anything, let alone sit myself down for a little rest.

But the solution was right there in front of me: if I’m going to read about vampires, I might as well keep their hours. The sun goes down, the kids go to bed, and my Kindle and I thirst for another installment of vampire gore.*

If my past is any consolation, there have been times when my mind hungered and thirsted for thought-provoking literature. But it’s kind of like listening to classical music. Even though I know it’s the intelligent and yes, even classy choice, I can’t help skipping over it these days for some good old country twang.

As a writer, I must admit that I have absolutely no imagination where the paranormal is concerned and I’m forever grateful for anyone who can think outside the biology department. Oh, how I wish I could think of something other than myself once in a while. I blame vanity; I’m far too busy obsessing about my shoes and horrid hair (new extensions just came in the mail, yay!) to think of something that might appeal to the masses.

And by the way, there are some pretty decent cheap books on the Kindle that even Dave Ramsey can’t give me a hard time about purchasing. We don’t have television, so I think a buck or two for a book is an extremely economical answer to my blood-thirsty entertainment needs.

Ah well, at least my current vampires and werewolfs are all of legal, blood-sucking age.

*I am also reading the Old Testament right now (another frequently gory read) and highly condone daily scripture study to those of you who are religiously inclined.


  1. Can you get US Weekly on the Kindle?

  2. I’ve never been able to get into any vampire books besides Twilight. Not cuz I think they’re the most amazing of all—I just can’t get used to how that genre has exploded. I miss the good ol’ days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  3. which vampire books are you reading?

    • annie valentine says:

      I out a link to the author in there, you can get them on the kindle super cheap. The Blood Wager series, surprisingly self-published.

  4. I think it’s illegal to listen to country music in Europe. Wait, that was the point of this post, right?