A letter to my girlfriend

I just wrote this letter to one of my girlfriends, Melissa Bastow from “Because I Really Can’t Get Enough of Myself” and The Barrel online magazine. Since many of you fall into the same category, I thought I’d share…

Her email asked:

Hi Annie!

How’s it going?  Do you feel glamorously European?  Because that’s how I picture you now.  With your fancy salads.

I fell off of blog world for awhile, so mostly I just see some of your post titles and thumbnails of awesome european vacations on facebook, and then I just have to hate you a little, because I rarely even see the outside of my house.  Are things good there?  How’s the school thing going?  I did read a few of your posts about German kindergarten, but that was months ago, is it better now?  And, most importantly, did you get some good rugs to cover the tile in your house?!

These are all valid questions. Here is my response (I forgot to answer the rug question–it’s yes.)

Making my deadline while adjusting to Our New World has been just about enough to do me in. I should probably be medicated but that means I’d have to find a doctor and make an appointment…whatever.

Things here are good. Better the past two weeks. My housekeeper (oh yeah, baby) Sylvia comes Thursday morning and that might be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, wedding day and birth days included. I had to fight tooth and nail to get her but this house is killing me. I do nothing but clean and I’m so exhausted all the time. Don’t ever get a big house, they’re stupid.
School for Rex is getting better all the time. I’ve enrolled him in the after school program and he now stays until 4:00! So long for my little boy, but it’s the only way he’s ever going to learn el Deutch. I can’t teach him something I don’t know and I feel like I’m hitting learning walls at every turn. Just when I think I’m starting to get something I have to speak to a German. I usually pull out my ASL and end up drooling just to cover up my incompetence.
And the travel thing? You’re not missing much, unless you love traveling with kids who kick each other in the faces and think smearing food into the upholstery is part of vacation. Honestly, it’s so much work to take these kids places. Jason is already sick of posing for “Happy Family” photos. Half the time June is throwing a fit on the ground somewhere outside of the camera’s reach, what a farce.
Stay inside and stay warm. We went to the “Industrial Museum” yesterday and froze our schnitzels off it was so darn cold outside. My kids kept insisting on taking off their jackets. Just another reminder that none of them will ever be invited into the “Gifted” program at school.


  1. Nice little update. I just wanted to say I love your voice. I can hear your actual *voice* when I read your words, and I love that. And HIGH FIVE on the house cleaner! You have MADE IT, baby!

  2. Love the update. How are you still sane? You’re amazing. And yes, a house cleaner is the best thing EVER.

  3. I have a small house and 4 older kids who are all perfectly capable of helping around the house and I would love a housekeeper! But that’s the laziness talking. I’m glad that Rex is doing better. And even though traveling with those little ones is pesky you are making some incredible memories. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. But do you have those yummy sugar waffles at Christmas markets and such? Cuz that was high on my list of favorite things when I visited that beautiful country.
    So happy you have a Sylvia:)

  5. It’s so good to hear from you – and Melissa, too! I’ve dropped off the blogging radar a bit as well; life insists on being lived. I love and miss you, and am thisclose to hiring a cleaning lady.