Let’s wrap this baby up.

This is the last thing I want to say about the crash. Thank you for letting me work through this in my own coincidentally public way, my blog is where I bare my heart and soul and it’s not always pretty. But writing my way through this has brought me closure, one step at a time.

Today I saw the corpse. Honestly, seeing my car sitting there all dead and crushed in the wrecking yard was big. I needed to see that car, I needed to look at what she did and how she helped save my family.

Here are a few photos for you to glimpse through while I talk. I’m also including a picture of Rex in his self-induced coma. Such a kill. Also kind of freaky.



I need you to notice a few things. First, the fact that the semi truck literally ripped the guts out of my car and splattered them all over the road. Second, the fact that there is a very deliberate and beautiful line of demarkation: From the exact point where Harrison sat in the front seat and beyond our car was pristine. Not a scratch.

Looking at my little Mazda 5, I can’t understand why the windshield didn’t shatter. And considering the angle and the speed with which we smashed into the stupid semi, we should have rolled clear to Bulgaria.

We didn’t just survive this thing, we walked away completely unscathed. All those mornings of family prayer, and the mornings where we added another prayer for safety in the car, it’s like they’ve been building up in some sort of Safety Account just waiting for us to cash it in. Looks like we had prayers to spare.

My kids are all dealing with their shock and grief in different ways. This morning I woke up with Harrison stuck to the side of me like some kind of industrial velcro. Evenings and mornings are the hardest for him, he had a bad dream this morning and had to puke his anxiety out in the toilet. Very hard for me to watch.

The hardest part of all this is having my captain on the other side of the world. My boy Jason single-handedly keeps my world turning. Really, I’m just a glorified child who gets a really awesome allowance. He’s the responsible party and I’m…well, I’m just the party. When things go wrong, Jason handles the paper work and I rent the movie. I’m also very good at home made bread.

I hate having him gone. I need him, I need his arms and his voice and his fax machine know-how. The aftermath alone is stretching me in ways I would rather not be stretched. I can do it, but I hate it.

On the night of the accident, right before I left the hospital, our Bishop and one of my neighbors took me aside and sat me down for a priesthood blessing. The moment they anointed my head I felt power flow through my body like a live current of electricity. It literally took my breath away.

The blessing was beautiful, especially when it promised me that I would be in tune with my children and their individual needs this next week, that I’d know how to comfort and help them in their moments of fear and grief and anxiety.

Laying in bed that night I realized that during almost every moment of our ordeal, up until the kids were tucked safely in their beds, there was a priesthood holder within arm’s reach. In Germany, that’s a miracle of it’s own. When we pulled into the hospital, it was no surprise to find our home teacher just happened to be delivering a baby upstairs and was to there to see us within no time.

I’ve had dozens of calls, multiple dinners, people who stopped by to whisk my kids away or help me put them to bed. In three days I’ve felt more love and support and strength than I can comprehend. I love everyone who has cared enough to call and comment and thank God on our behalf that we were so beautifully spared.

And hey, we even made the German newspaper. They didn’t know our names but the accident was considered a local miracle. Love those Germans, they know Heavenly intervention when they see it.

So this is me wrapping the nightmare up. I guess I shouldn’t call it that. If there’s one thing I’ve decided, it’s that if I ever get in another accident I hope it’s exactly like this one.



  1. Miracles truly do happen.

  2. Annie, I am so glad you are ok. When I heard about the accident and the extent of it, I was amazed to know that your family was left unscathed. And then when I saw the pictures, I was deeply humbled. You and your kids must have a major mission left on this earth to be spared from that. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family (and I include the neighbor boy and his family as well) that you will recover quickly from this horrible ordeal. Let me know if you need ANYTHING… I am only a few minutes from your house (and I can stay off the Autobahn to get there).

    • annie valentine says:

      Well that gave me chills, thank you so much for the support. You know I won’t hesitate to call.

  3. Oh! What a miracle! Sooo glad you and your family are ok – I’m sure still a little shaken up!

  4. Way to wrap it up. I love miracles.

  5. WOW!! Look at that Mazda!! My little Mazda 5 is sitting in my garage..I love that machine! Throughout all my trials I’ve learned that Heavenly Father anticipates our needs! I love reading your blog but I do miss chatting with you at your home.

  6. So glad you are all okay, Annie. What an incredible miracle this was. God bless you and your sweet children as you all deal with the emotional aftermath…

  7. i’m so glad that you and your family are okay…wow what a story! and a miracle!

  8. I love your miracle. Good luck with all the aftermath. I hope you get Jason back soon. I’m sure he wants to be there as bad as you want him there. I’m so glad you have a team of angels helping you through it all, the living and the unseen.

  9. Cathy Decker says:

    Annie, I am so glad that you are all okay. I have shed many a tear for you over this. I kept telling Dennis last night “I don’t know what I would have done to have my kids split into different ambulances.” Talk about wanting to divide yourself into pieces. You are an awesome mother and have an awesome family. We love you guys.

  10. Annie. I’m so happy all is so well. I’m so happy you shared this. The way you did proves what a great, great person you are. You deserve every blessing you get, and you have more coming.

  11. So happy all is well! or getting weller!

    A couple of years ago, (sorry for the story) our oldest son totaled our Mazda Miata (very small two seater convertible). We used to jokingly call it “the rolling coffin.” The accident was his fault and involved 5 cars. My son and his friend walked away, bruised but okay. My husband went and saw the car afterward and said the front of it was like an accordion (smashed) but the main cabin was untouched, just like yours I guess. Yes! truly a miraculous thing! I believe you are right . . . all those prayers for safety stack up and can be cashed in at times!

  12. It’s amazing to see your car and know you all made it out alive and physically okay! I hope you and the kids have the time and help you need to completely recover, I hope Jason makes it home soon and safely, and even though it ended okay, I hope you never get in another accident!

  13. more and more tears. So thankful that you have been blessed with such an amazing support system while Jason is gone. <3

  14. Catching up and WOW.
    You are one lucky bunch! Obviously you’ve got some powerful angels in your court!

    Thanks for sharing, life feels a little more precious today.

  15. sues2u2 says:

    Seeing those pix brought back memories. I had a car accident in one of those old boeing 747 station wagons. It was 2 wks before I broke my back (I told you my mom had a really rough 3 yrs w/ me & accidents) & a blustery, snowy, icy Utah winter day. I was driving too fast (mad my mom made me p/u my sis & was going to be late for hs swim team practice). I hit an ice patch & spun around ultimately hitting a fire hydrant (they don’t always break off fyi.) I ended up w/ the engine sitting me beside me in the passenger seat while I walked away w/ a massive bruise on my arm. Seeing those pix of your car totally amazed me. You & your family & the neighbor boy definitely have THINGS TO DO here. That’s kinda scary in & of itself but it’s so true. I know you needed to work this through & did so by telling all of us but I’m so thankful you shared it w/ us too. You are definitely not alone either. Not just Heavenly Father or the angels looking over you but us too. Love you & your family & am praying that this will soon turn into a distant memory for your children & you & hubby. (sorry to be so long winded!)

  16. I don’t even know what to say. I’m grateful for the angels that watched over you and your family. It is truly a miracle.

  17. In the accident we experienced this week, and the details you have shared about yours, I am certain that God has reason for each of being here a little while longer. I told my kids that maybe He saved ALL of us because ONE of us still have important work to do. Our job is for all of us to be the ONE who does that important work. Miracles do happen! I am glad it happened to you!

  18. This has to be driving Jason nuts. Brett would be out of his skull, half a world away and his family in such a situation. LY. So happy you’re okay.

  19. IT ALWAYS AMAZES ME..that no matter where we are……..the gospel/church is there for US.
    Priesthood blessing WAITING to be given. A gift from the Lord for sure.
    I continually am so happy Annie that this ordeal was truly, such a miracle in your lives.
    Will be somthing to draw on in years to come…a faith building experience to keep telling your children.

  20. Major chills reading your posts about the crash.
    About six months ago I was in a hospital room with Elder Russell M. Nelson have my dad a blessing. Dad had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and hope for a recovery was dim. Elder Nelson blessed my Dad that he would remain on this earth until his mortal mission was complete.
    Sadly, my dad died a few weeks later. But I have great comfort in Elder Nelson’s words, because I know my dad had completed his mortal work.
    I believe Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. And he will allow us to remain on this earth until we have fulfilled our mortal missions.
    What a blessing to have faith in God’s plan. And what a blessing to have the Priesthood power available to us throughout the world.
    Your story is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  21. Tiffany says:

    I wish I could give you each a five minute hug right now. What can I do for you and the kids anne? BTW I miss your bread. You are seriously amazing at making bread. Is that the first time mentioning it on your blog? If so, that’s a shame. I bet Jason is having a hard time not being there too. I think something was up with the timing of this all. Love you….

  22. Good for them for calling it a miracle in the newspaper!! proud of them. So happy you have so many helping you over there!

  23. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow, Val-Rae was right. How can you not get emotional. I love you and I’m so glad your safe! Tell your father again how much it ment for him to be there for me. You have an amazing family. Xoxo….!