If only Rex were a puppy

Somebody needs to put a cone on that kid’s head.

I know that broken elbows hurt. If there were any way I could double dose him on pain meds I would, but anything more and I’ll be eligible for “dealer” status. He’s already gotten frighteningly attached to the burn from the purple syrup.

But I’m sorry, the pain is at least partly his own darn fault.

I never realized before that Rex can’t walk across a room like a normal person. He has to add a hop skip and jump every three feet as he climbs/rides over/on any furniture or toy that might be considered part of his en route path. Twice today I pulled him off skateboards that were unfortunately in his area of movement. Seriously, watching him jump off the banister then run over and cry at me because his arm hurts…I kind of want to shackle his ankles and duct tape him to the couch.

They should have sent me home with pain killers and a tranquilizer gun (Benadryl only gets us so far).

The worst is that when the pain really bothers him he doesn’t sit still, he starts pounding and pulling on his arm. We were riding in the car today and he started crying about the pain. “Mom, it hurts! It hurts, Mom! Mom, help me, this really hurts!” I looked back to see that not only was he yanking on his fingers, but he was banging his arm against the car door in time to the music on the radio.

Obviously that’s going to make it so much better.

Tomorrow we get the hard cast and man, I can’t wait for a little extra protection. Finger’s crossed he hasn’t unset the pins…


  1. a broken elbow??OUCH !! But I love that he can still “beat his pain to the rythm of the music”
    That takes talent.
    Made me think of my hubby who could stand to put a “cone around his head too”…or be wrapped in bubble wrap. He just suffered a compound fracture to the arm after getting “hooked up” in some farm machinery. He is lucky to still have an arm.
    I want to “kick Fido (aka hubby) to the curb sometimes.)

  2. We had a fractured elbow here and the hard cast helped SO much on our little guy. Feelbetter soon Rex!

  3. Poor guy! I feel his pain, though. Even though I get to go without my sling now, sometimes, I’d much rather have it. Especially in large groups. And at Wal-mart.