Lest I forget…

In response to yesterday’s super unthankful post here are ten things I’m thankful for right off the top of my head.

1. Clean water. I like to drink it, bathe in it and let it run while I brush my teeth even though I kind of know it’s bad for the Earth. Water, I love you.

2. Tylenol. Also Ibuprofen and all the other magical over the counter medications I have on hand when my babies get sick. It’s such a relief to see a fever break and know there’s something I can do. Also handy when you’re trying to stop drinking Diet Coke.

3. Little children. I know they’re sticky and insanely high maintenance but oh my gosh, I will hate the day when my kids get home from school and don’t plough me over with hugs and kisses because they’re all taller than me. I love them little, growing up is so lame.

4. My bed, specifically when my husband is sleeping in it. He’s so warm and cozy and when he’s asleep I can snuggle up to him all I want because he’s unconscious. I also like him when he’s in my bed awake but that’s none of your business.

5. Twilight. Thank you for giving girls and moms an excuse to get together and gawk at insanely inappropriate boys with their shirts off. I love any book or movie that moves us to gather together and laugh.

6. Wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Don’t ask me why but when my man builds me a fire it melts all my troubles and leaves me with a feeling of toasty peace. It also makes me gazy and lazy but it’s totally worth it. Heated floors are also crazy wonderful.

7. Income. I am blessed with a husband who’s in a career field that has room for him. Right now that really counts for something, we all know someone who’s looking and it’s such a tough place to be. I am so, so thankful that we can pay our bills. Dave Ramsey is also thankful.

8. Heavenly Father. Because He loves me and listens to me and because I am His daughter. I know it, I feel it and there is nothing in this world that can take that away from me. I know who I am and that is enough.

My list could go on and on, I’m amazed sitting here that I just slammed this out in a few minutes. How crazy lucky are we all to have so many blessings?

Crazy lucky, that’s what we are.