The football game

One Saturday afternoon a father sat on the couch in his family room and attempted to watch a football game. His three year old daughter repeatedly attempted to keep him from watching his football game.

“Daddy! Sing me the song about Blow the man down!” She said, putting her little nose right in his face.

“Now sweetie, I’m busy right now and this isn’t a good time. You sit here quietly and I’ll play with you later.”

Not to be deterred the little girl put her hands on both of his cheeks. “Daddy, tell me the story of Tiddlywinks!”

“Honey, I said not right now.” He gently moved her aside and looked past her at the television just in time to see that he had missed a major play.

Was it too much to ask for one little hour of peace and quiet? It had been a long week with long days and he needed a moment. Besides, it was obvious his little girl was not learning to properly respect her elders.

At that timely moment a commercial interrupted his game and he decided to take the opportunity to teach his little girl something about obedience.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said giving her his full attention, “Let’s play a little game. You be the Mama and I’ll be the little boy. Mama, what would you like me to do today?” Now he had her, he would show her exactly how a good little boy obeys his parents.

She looked him in the eye, smiled and said, “Turn off the TV.”

Happy Fathers day to my sweet Daddy who listened to me all those years ago. 34 years and he’s still turning off the game anytime I need to talk about anything.




  1. That was perfect! Made me cry! Love it so much and what a sweet dad you have! (I thought for sure this was about Georgia at first! haha)

  2. I love that story. First I thought it was Jason and Georgia, but she’s not 3 yet….

    Then Tiddlywinks tipped me off and I knew it was you and grampa!! Ha, ha. Sweet 🙂