It’s not really my birthday

It’s my anniversary. But apparently, due to our upcoming vacation-that-probably-won’t-happen-and-I-blame-the-president we are celebrating my birthday today. On my wedding anniversary.

I cannot let today sneak by without some kind of parade of sorts, even if it just happens here on my little old blog. Because 14 years is something to jump around about, you know? And he, that man of mine, the one I usually can’t get enough of and choose over our kids every single time (they hate it), he makes me want to buy Hallmark cards, write Hallmark cards, and reinvent the cliche one sappy poem at a time–I will spare you this year’s potentially inappropriate anniversary limerick.

Instead, here is a parade of wedding photos. Best day of my life, hands down. A big massive thank you to our parents and family members for making such a wonderful day happen, it was beautiful and so full of love I still can’t contain the hot spot in my heart when I look at these. This right here was the first day of the rest of my life, finally scanned onto the computer and retouched a bit. Pre-digital photography, you know.


 first photo color









wedding1 saturated_edited-1


funny joke kiss_edited-1

Jason my love, if you ever check my blog and happen upon these photos, thank you. Thank you for the best 14 years of a girl’s life, for every dish you’ve washed and diaper you’ve changed, for hardly ever making me take the trash out and mowing the lawn every week without being asked even when I wanted you to hang out with me instead. Thank you for being the responsible one, the cute one, the guy who still looks great in a pair of jeans going south. I still love the sound of your car pulling into the driveway and still want to fix my makeup before I bring you lunch.

Baby, you are the real deal. Happy anniversary.



  1. Dear Annie Valentine,
    This made me cry again! And what do you mean vacation-that’s-probably-not-going-to-happen! Yes it’s all the presidents fault but aren’t we going to celebrate your birthday on Sunday?! BTW- I am also falling in love with Jason.

  2. Love all of the pictures! It was a beautiful day and I love seeing the pics to remind me. Sweet tribute to Jason, I think I feel the same way about my man…especially wishing he’d sit with me instead of mowing the lawn, and in my case, constantly washing the car :O But boy I love him to pieces. Enjoy your 14th wedding anniversary and your 3_! bday!!! Love you.

  3. Awww! This was so sweet! Happy anniversary, hope you guys get to celebrate both of you as well as your birthday!

  4. This day was so special, I loved all the photos! I haven’t seen those in awhile 🙂 Happy, happy anniversary, 14 years has flown by. I’m in love with Jason too, but only because he makes my kindred spirit so happy!

  5. Beautiful photos! And belated Happy Anniversary. Hope you got to celebrate your b-day in style 😉 Someday this shutdown will end! We were in England for the last one. Not cool!!