50 shades of RED

I am blond. I don’t mean I’m stupid blond or I’m vain blond or I only wear high heels because I’m blond…

Oh wait.

Anyway, there are levels of blondness that have nothing to do with hair color. There are plenty of heads out there who purchase their blond from a salon or a drug store. It’s like a virus. Sometimes it’s just seasonal, a few highlights for summer, but sometimes it’s bacterial and those are really hard to get rid of. And rightfully, in some cases heads are adopted in because they have been blond for so long hey no longer know the real color of their hair. That’s legit. True blond right there.

I am in that rare group of Dark Blond with White eyebrows. This has allowed me to take certain bleaching liberties with my hair color that, due to the colorless shade of my unruly eyebrows, has meant I can legally sport all sorts of shockingly blond shades.

In the past I’ve been known to have PTSD if a stylist accidentally takes me too dark. I’m that kind of blond.

Until now.

Something has come over me. I woke up a few months ago, looked in the mirror and decided that the blond needed to go. Then I slapped myself and took a Prosaic because, come on. Who doesn’t want to be blond? It’s obviously the most superior shade in the universe and is known to bring wealth and happiness to all who come in contact with it. Ask Marilyn and her long list of scantily clad derivatives.

But this feeling wouldn’t let me go. It was time to do something different so I…

Went dark blond.

Big step. Kind of freaked me out a little.

I lived with my new dark blond locks for about two months before I finally decided to make a pinterest board and clear some of those unwanted red thoughts from my head.

Of course it just made me want it more.

So I did it. I went to my amazing hair girl Bree, who just happens to be brilliant with red and has turned half the girls at church into flame heads, and gave her the go to color me red. I’ve been living with it for 6 weeks now and I think that despite it’s rapidly fading qualities (happens when blonds go red) I kind of love it.

I went in this weekend and she recolored me red. This time I had her go a bit darker and ditched the blond highlighs so I could hold color longer. When I got  home my kids wanted to know who I was and when their blond mother was coming back. I’m rocking the Rasberry for at least 7 more washes.

Sadly, one of my sisters did not believe that it was real, Jenny in particular needed something more than a measly snap shot. So at 11:30 pm I made a little video to prove that yes, it’s red and yes, it’s real. If you are doubtful of my redness, check out the link.

Okay, I just checked the link. It’s really stupid so please don’t feel the need to watch it. Seriously. I made it for my sister when I was tired and silly and it should never be posted public anywhere.



  1. Love the red, it looks great!

  2. Well well!!! You finally figured it out! Redheads have more fun, ha ha!
    My hair has been red for 17 or more years now and I have no plans to go back to blonde (though I bet my hair is now grey instead of blond) I noticed grey in between colors for the first time shortly after Mike deployed 🙂
    I think it looks great by the way!

  3. The big question is, how does Jason like it??!?

  4. I really like the red! Of course I had to hit the link, cause-like Jen-I needed to see some viable proof for myself. Smiled the whole way through and thought-that video was indeed made with Jenny in mind!! 🙂 I am sure she appreciated it cause I don’t know what lovingly-sarcastic comment she made, but I can hear it now. You are so ready for Vegas and HOME and I just cannot wait! Tell your kiddos to get used to the red cause it is awesome. Love you!!