Changed for good.

I have 10 bags to pack, 6 loads of laundry to do, toy sorting, medicine sorting, swim sorting, crayon sorting, brain sorting…so obviously I decided the best place to start would be here, blogging. It was either sink into a facebook void or document this new and slightly disturbing level of procrastination that I have achieved. It’s time for the ball, Christy, and I haven’t even washed my hair…

Yesterday Jason and I kind of freaked out and went on a fleamarket shopping spree. We might have purchased two CooCoo clocks (one for my sister Barbie), 6 old light fixtures, decorative plates, gifts for my parents, and oh yes, AN ENTIRE BEDROOM SET FOR THE GIRLS. Complete with matching twin beds, armoire, vanity, nightstands, circa 1910, mint condition. Cuz we’re crazy.

It’s probably a good thing that we’re leaving before we’re completely broke. As it is I’ll likely have to get myself a job as a gas station attendant so I can save money for that house we’re planning to build around our 27 old light fixtures and 18000 pounds of antique European furniture.

Jason took the kids to church so I could have a few hours to blow through the house and get the bulk of our packing done yet I find myself feeling incredibly wistful and my heart feels swollen every time I think about what we’re about to do. On Friday I went to the world’s most wonderful birthday party for one of my girlfriends where we danced for hours then sat at a table and talked about life and love and children and how much we’re going to miss each other. It’s a shake down summer here for my circle of girls, so many of us are being thrown to the wind.

I have never, ever in my life met a group of women like this bunch in Germany, and not just my church girlfriends. There aren’t words to describe the love and strength and guts I’ve seen over here these last three years.  Never have I known more willing friendships or faster hugs, women who crack open their experience and let everyone in. My dining room runneth over with families and friends we’ve had in our home, many have claimed an almost-family place in our lives and I know, I know know know we will see so many again for  pass throughs.

On this gorgeous last Sabbath here in Germany my heart is pretty ready to explode with gratitude to Heavenly Father. Yes, I’m skipping church to pack which is slightly hypocritical and a teensy bit evil, but I feel like singing praises to God for the coolest three years of my life. You can’t tell me there isn’t power in faithful goal setting especially when you’re trying to keep it in line with what the Big Man knows is best for you. I decided when I was in 7th grade during Mr. Roberts world history class that I wanted to see the world for myself. Flipping back through my many journals I have to laugh at all the country lists and must-see’s I came up with.

I did it. It happened. We have visited 26 countries in the last three years and most of them weren’t even on my radar when I was 13. That’s just a quick count and I’ve probably forgotten at least one or two. This journey has been epic.

I know what the next five weeks will look like but after that it gets really hazy, kind of like heat wave in the desert hazy. Don’t know what my house will look like, don’t know what my neighborhood will look like, don’t know if there will be willing friends or not. But I do know that there’s an awesome place in Las Vegas just waiting for us to find it. I feel it in my bones under all the croissant butterfat that I’m taking home around my waist line. In fact, I can’t wait to get to Vegas where that glorious devil sun will melt away all my troubles so I can wear my clothes again. Vanity first, friends, vanity first.

So off we go into the wild blue yonder once again. Farewell Germany, farewell my sweet German neighbors who after three years I finally found out your first name yesterday (she told me the first time I met her and I couldn’t remember it until Jason told me yesterday). I’m going home such a different girl then the one who came here.

To all my dear friends here in Germany, I love you. Thank you. God speed us all in our travels and trials, and I will take a quote from my two favorite witches in parting:

“Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better…I do believe I have been changed for the better…but…because I knew you, because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”


  1. I’ve loved living vicariously through your European adventure. Welcome back to the US and good luck with the Vegas heat 🙂

  2. I have so enjoyed your European adventures (heartaches, joys and all). You are an inspiration to those of us who’ve only seen less than a handful of countries. I can’t wait to see what grand adventures you’ll have in Vegas. God speed, my friend. xoxo

  3. Catherine Carlson says:

    Random blog reader here! I have loved reading about your adventures in Europe as a military family. Your mind is probably a million miles away from school starting in the fall, but knowing your efforts to find the right place for your kids, I wanted to pass along the information for my sister’s private school in Vegas.
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    Take care!