Looks like I’m Not Alone

Good news. I’m pretty sure that Jesus still loves me.

After yesterday’s tantrum I was feeling really low. It’s hard to pray when you feel like a brat. It’s hard to have faith when your mood is as blue as the midnight sky and things feel lonesome and hopeless and stupid. And sometimes, even though you know things are going to turn a corner, it’s still really hard to get from blue…to better.

Hallelujah for good Christian people. It’s amazing what Heavenly Father can do with a little neighborhood help.

As of 10 am this morning we had received not one, not two, but three Family Home Evening invitations from families in our new ward here in Henderson. And we received an email today that our car is finally making it’s way to Seattle (it will then have to go to LA so I can retrieve it but at least it’s moving out of Texas).

And then a sister in the ward took my girls for a playdate today which was awesome, especially when she told me that the gym 45 seconds down the road is super cheap, has daily yoga classes and childcare for up to 3 kids, and it’s only $31 a month.

Kuh-razy. And necessary. With Jason gone I need yoga, live and in person and uninterrupted by little girls who want to share my mat.

Tonight I put the girls to bed and they wanted a song so I gave them the old standard “Angel Lullaby” from My Turn on Earth. Then on a whim (yes, it’s true) I found myself drifting into that old syrupy feel good number from Michael McLean, “You’re Not Alone.” And yes, I linked it. Don’t even try to pretend you’re not going to listen to it either.

I probably shouldn’t admit that I might have choked a little on that one, I’m sure it was due to dry vocal chords and all that. But my answer was clear tonight and I feel…loved. And remembered.

My cup is filling fast.