The last time I saw Heaven

This is my favorite day. Christmas, Valentine’s, my anniversary, none of them beat today. I think my birthday is the one I love the most.

Not because of the gifts, I rarely remember them from one year to the next. Not because of the cake, we had chocolate chip cookies last night instead and I’m planning to pass on the calories. Not because of the wonderful FB wishes or the phone calls from my sisters or the loving words from our parents.

No. Today is my favorite day because this year especially, I can feel Heaven.

I woke with the primary song, “Where is Heaven?” on my lips. I’m pretty sure Heaven is kind of amazing. Before I came to Earth I probably ate a lot of calorie free cake and coordinated all the bon voyage parties for family members making the jump. I’m sure I planned out my life and hoped and dreamed about things like kissing and ice cream. You gotta get a body to really appreciate that stuff.

When I look back at my 29+ years on Earth it blows my mind to consider the things I’ve learned and experienced, and not just the kissing. I’m a mother, I have a mate, I can cook and sew and write and sing and play the piano kind of, I can still play a scale on the trumpet and shuffle off to Buffalo with a pair of tap shoes. I have tasted and seen and loved and–

I need to interrupt this program for an important Birthday Update. Jason just called me.

Let’s be honest, there is really only one thing I want for my birthday: Five minutes to make out with my sweetheart (who is, unfortunately, very very far away until Thanksgiving).

Honestly, as soon as he called I felt my birthday happiness start to flicker out a little. The phone is so one dimensional, I’d rather not even–

“Anne,” he said, “I have something to give you today for your birthday.” I couldn’t help it, hearing his voice today made me all weepy around the lashes.

“Honey,” I said, “Don’t. I can’t think of a single thing you can give me that will make me happy so just save your money–”

“I’m coming home.”

How can I…there’s no way to express…some emotions are too fantastic to put down in words.

This very morning one of the guys Jason works with casually mentioned that he’s using his sky miles to head home for the long weekend. Sky Miles? Jason thought, I wonder if I have any sky miles left.

48000 to be exact, and it only took 40000 to fly home.

I thought my birthday was perfect this morning when my kids all came in with my gift, a perfectly wrapped container holding one homemade card.  June drew the picture, Georgia decorated the back, and Harrison wrote the letter. Rex…well Rex was upset that there were no balloons.

“Dear Mom,

We all thank you for your hard work and love. And how old are you 29 or 35?? Oh well. But anyway today we all promise to do whatever you need, so just sit back and do whatever! And again, Happy Birthday!

With lots and lots of love,

Harrison, Rex, June and Georgia”

Yes, I probably miss Heaven a little. But like the last line of that song says,

“I’ve a feeling that it’s not so far,

When you’re with the ones you love

it’s right where you are.”


  1. Ok, I was excited you turned your comments back on but then I kept reading & loving until – Holy Smokes!!! HOORAY for you & the kiddos. Your man is coming home & I’m so excited for you!!! Yes, I’ve gone exclamation point happy but this post deserves it 🙂 Happy Birthday & enjoy your time with the hubby 😉

  2. Oh this made me cry! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Yay for comments!;) I LOVED this! I totally cried when he said he was coming home–so awesome!! Happy happy birthday to you! I love your thoughts about heaven, I’ve been thinking about that lately too! Thanks for your writing Annie, yours is one of the few blogs that still lifts my heart when I read it!

  4. Happy Birthday. Love peeking into your blog. Hope you had your best day so far. Come and see us all in Enterprise…love ya:)