The Cart

Yesterday I took the entire town to Walmart. Now, Walmart on a Saturday in Utah isn’t such a pleasant experience. There are usually no “big” carts to be had (since there are 49 million Young Mothers With Three Kids) and no close parking spots. Why I thought my family could handle this field trip is beyond me. I guess I was feeling a little reckless.

Rex hit the roof as soon as I started to unfasten his seat belt. I pulled him out and looked around frantically, all I needed was a cart that could hold three kids so I could keep the chaos contained.

I looked at the outdoor cart stall and there it sat: bright blue plastic glistening in the hot September sun, just waiting to save me. But of course, it was the furthest cart in. I would have to pull two entire rows of carts out of the stalls in order to reach it.

My heart sank as I headed toward that evasive cart. June Bug in one arm, Rex hysterically kicking in the other arm, Harrison trying to peel some gum off the middle of the road–there was just no way. I thought of my available limbs. My feet, I’d have to use my feet to pull the carts apart.

At that precise moment an angel in a white (of course white) Ford Explorer stepped in front of me and started shuffling through the carts. She was an older angel, the kind who probably earned her sainthood with three or four or seven kids of her own. She made quick work of those carts and presented me with my prize. Blue. Shiny. Harnesses. Heaven.

What could I say? How could I tell her in one sentence that my husband is on the other side of the country and I’m really lonely and I didn’t think I could do it today and then she came along and saved us all from certain and immediate tears and blubbering? I was trying to think of words and trying not to cry all over my beautiful blue cart when she hopped in her car and drove away. I’m telling you, there are blessings EVERYWHERE.

I think she might have been one of the Three Nephites, I’m not sure.


  1. Love your closing comment. 🙂 It’s amazing how such a small act of kindness can affect someone so much. I’m glad you appreciated it and shared this story. It makes me want to be more aware of those around me and look for ways to help them out.

    By the way, I remember when I was a kid I would peel gum off the street and eat it, even if it had obviously been driven/walked on. I remember the little tiny rocks in it and everything. That is so extremely disgusting. I can’t believe myself.

  2. Jason said people would be there to help when you needed it and you wouldn’t have to ask… How neat!

  3. This reminds me of similar experiences I’ve had. Nothing like that person – and trying not to cry because you can’t believe they really did what they did for you.

    Glad she was there.

  4. You are an amazing woman!
    When my oldest three kids were little, I just didn’t go anywhere.
    (Unless it was someplace with a drive through window)

    Thanks for sharing the story.

  5. SevenVillageIdiarts says:

    Cute post. . .I think she certainly must have been a wife of a Nephite!! Can’t you just do all your shopping online? Quit torturing yourself!

  6. The Motherboard says:

    Walmart + kids + Saturda = HELL.

    Glad one of the Three Nephites showed up! Lucky.

  7. Kpetes-draggin says:

    Annie, you are brave, I don’t even like to do Wallmart or Costco on Saturday without kids. In fact I used to like shopping before kids but I don’t anymore.
    That is such a sweet story. It is amazing how just taking a minute to help someone might change their whole day-maybe their life.

  8. sdhastings says:

    Big carts and Angels are AWESOME!!!!

  9. Awesome story, I have been hearing those kind all day yesterday, it was like testimony meeting was one big act of service story and your would fit right in.

  10. Oh wow, I had a moment like that at Walmart a few weeks ago. Thank goodness for those kind people who take pity on us crazy mommies right?
    So now I’m reading your blog, and you are like Hay, so creative in your writing. Love it. I love opening Hay’s blog to see what she’s wrote. She always makes me giggle, just like your blog. Expect more comments.

  11. How cool is it that we can be that person for other people? So glad that someone stepped outside of themselves long enough to lift you up like that – how fabulous!

  12. Carts from heaven, there are still miracles! In the Walmart parking lot even – I always thought I was more likely to be a victim of hit and run v. randam act of kindness there.

  13. Michelle Wilkes says:

    They seriously make carts that hold three kids?
    That is miracle number 1.
    Just so you know, she might be feeling happier about it than you. I picked up some hitch hikers last week. They were covered in tattoos, but they were pushing a baby stroller, and I had an extra car seat, and they were no where near a bus stop, and they were so grateful and very nice, and I felt SOOOO good for the rest of the day that I thought that they did me the favor.
    Oh, please DO NOT tell my husband I did that.
    And what is it about gum on the side walk anyway?
    Love how you are always sharing the things you are gratful for.
    Love ya!

  14. What a nice woman! I had a woman unload her groceries and her 2 kids from her cart the other day so that I could have her cart (all the other “cars” carts were taken). It was really nice. I hope I can do that for someone someday.