Best Perverted Costume

I saw a hilarious perverted costume in the Halloween store this week. It was blue coverall for a man with the label, “Recreational Gynecologist” on the right. The logo on the left said, “I may not be a doctor, but I’ll take a look!”

Do you think I could go back and buy it for like, $1 today? Then I could disguise Jason next year and make him wear it to the ward Halloween party. I’d then spread horrible rumors about the pervert with the mullet. They’d never know…


  1. Hey, my husband was a pervert in a mullet last night too!

    Pictures to come!

  2. Okay, that’s kind of funny. But if I tried to make my husband wear something like that, he’s die of embarrassment before we ever made it out the door and then I’d be dragging a truly creepy corpse around we me all night. Which is definitely Halloweenish. But weird.

  3. OK, I saw WAY more disgusting and perverted costumes at my local halloween shop in the mall. I won’t go into details, but they would make you blush and then vomit.

    I think I’ll go buy them for $1 today and use them as White Elephant Gifts at our Ward Christmas Party. NO ONE would ever guess that I submitted them, I’m so sweet and innocent. Of course the fingers would point at Brother You-Know-Who (every ward has one) and then he’d go inactive. Since he’s close already.

    OK, I’d better not do that.

  4. Could you get him to do that? Sean would never go for it.

  5. My favorite was a “one night stand”. A guy was dressed up as a night stand (basically wearing a cardboard box with pretend drawers painted on it) and he glued a bra, a condom wrapper, KY jelly, etc. on the top of the box and wore a lampshade on his head. It was pretty stinking hilarious.

  6. I married a prude.


    Soooo giggle worthy though.

  7. My husband would so go for that…I posted a link of Leslie Hall on my blog so you can see her in her glory…with her gold jumpsuit on and all.

  8. Hilarious!!!

  9. You should definitely buy it, if it’s not too late. But just have him wear it in private to spice up your l.o.v.e. life. 😉

  10. You are crazy you know.

  11. ha ha ha gross…I’m sure all the molly’s would LOVE it!

  12. Annie, I saw your weird post on my daughter’s blog. She is a follower of yours Can I come? You absolutely post the most outrageous stuff.

    My daughter’s senior year was our school’s mascot, which is a huge fluffy cardinal. She wanted to be a wrestler/super hero for one high school event and I had to go find something. She still doesn’t know it, but I used Condom Man. It just had a big C on the front for “Cardinals” and I split the sides so the big wings would fit. The costume had a cape, but I threw away the hat and the labels at the store. My husband kept asking me where did you get that cute outfit? I just kept saying, “Ventura” and that’s the truth. Love your blog. Susan

  13. Okay, that is officially the nastiest costume I’ve ever heard of. But I totally want to buy it so one else can!