Get Me to the Mall

Santa seriously hooked my five-year-old up. He’s like an Indiana Jones Special Agent. In one hand, he continually cracks his theme music-playing whip while flashing his mock credentials to everyone who comes to the door. It’s a threatening look, trust me. Indiana Jones with authority. 

You should have seen poor Santa’s face when he asked Harrison what he wanted and Harry replied, “Special Agent stuff.” Harrison then went on to explain that he wanted a gun and mace and handcuffs and one of those things you hit people with. Santa seemed even more nervous when Harrison pointed to Jason and said, “My dad’s a Special Agent.” I swear the man was sweating bullets, practically shoving my kids off his lap as fast as he could. It made me wonder if he was wearing a disguise for a reason. 

Today we’re off to see just how good this bad economy has been for the clearance racks. This is my favorite shopping day of the year (which says a lot since I really love the other 364 of them). I think it’s my favorite day to leave the house because I can’t wait to get away from all the new crap we’ve brought inside. 

New Year’s resolution: clean the toy room.


  1. I hope you got some killer deals. You’re revitalizing this economy. Good for you being patriotic!

  2. An extra gift should be coming your way tomorrow… and you didn’t even have to find it on the clearance rack. Yeah! (p.s. – it seems I’m in stores already. Who knew?)

  3. You’re brave. The clearance racks have been calling my name, but there’s no way that I want to brave the crowds & the traffic after all of the crowds & traffic I’ve dealt with leading up to Christmas.

  4. My husband brought his gun to Missouri, so he can shoot some bad guys, apparently. I guess he’s a secret agent too. Except, he’s not very secret about it.

  5. What good deals? Seriously, there has been so much hype about it- where are they? Especially on 42″ flat screen TVs?
    And I prefer to stock up on my Christmas stuff after Christmas, but 50% just won’t do it for me. I think if that stuff sits around a few more weeks, we might start seeing my favorite number around- 90% off

  6. I bet your son looks awesome in all his garb. How fun!

    And yeah, I need to totally gut out the play room. Sigh.

  7. Happy bargain hunting. I even went thirifting myself this week.