Just another reason to keep a man around the house.

About the washer.

I put my Special Agent on the case and he finally found a way to contact the guy (top secret methods). The guy then tried to say that we were liars and the machine worked perfectly. Not so smart on his part. My husband took the blasted machine back to him and this idiot said, “Did you even hook it up right?” To which my man replied, “An idiot could hook this up right. Your machine is broken and I want my money back.” He complied.

Husbands are so cool.

But this brings up an important issue. I’ve tried to tell Jason over and over that when it comes to certain areas of business, it’s way better if the man handles things.

Take tree trimming, for example. Due to the fact that we have trees literally growing through the upstairs windows, we decided to call around a few weeks ago and get bids on tree trimming.

“Would you please take care of it?” Jason says on his way out the door.

“But honey…”

“Look, I’ve got a million things to do and you’re home all day. It’s not that hard.”

(By the way, I hate it when men use the “you’re home all day” justification, like we have nothing better to do than sit around and blog.)

So I made a few calls and met with two tree trimmers. I’m sorry, but tree trimmers do not respect women. They think we’re idiots just because we don’t wear hickory shirts and know how to run a chain saw. Sometimes I think blue collar workers in general treat women like second class citizens because they spend their time in such a male dominated society.

And what do you think happened when Jason finally met with one of these guys? That’s right, he was treated with total respect and got the job done for $150 less than anything I could have wrangled.

Men. They really are a necessary evil.


  1. I just think it is frustrating that our effect has to be so different.
    Whatever happened to equality?
    I guess having our men around is good for something besides “studding” (yes that is what my previous OBGYN said is the reason they exist).

  2. It’s so true. Same thing at the car repair shop. Even though I know more about car repairs than my husband!

  3. I totally believe in jobs that are just for men. I’m vaguely embarrassed to admit this, but I never even filled my car with gas till I was 18 years old. I shared a car with my brother and it was his “job” to make sure the tank was full:)

  4. I’m glad you got your $ back for the washer. I’m going through that tree thing myself. (grrrr) I hate it when mechanics treat me as though I’m brain dead. I do know a thing or two about cars and I’m the one with the money in the first place. They might not respect the gal but they’d better respect the $. Punks.

  5. But…we are more likely got get out of…oh say a traffic ticket if we smile and bat our eyes at Mr. Cop. Or how about heavy lifting stuff…I always just save it for the hubby. Men are a necessary evil…but we have our advantages too .

  6. I totally agree! Especially at Car Shops!!! And I also hate it when husbands act like we do nothing at home and can make these types of phone calls or take cars into the repair shops and get the same treatment as they do. These days I absolutely REFUSE to do it unless he is right there with me. Anyway… glad you found that guy and got your money back!

  7. I always mention that my husband has to give the O.K. I am just his preliminary interview. If he wants the job, he still has to talk with the hubby. And don’t feel bad that he saved you $150. I figure that’s how much I save every week on groceries by not letting my husband do the shopping!
    (Oh, and being that Dave Ramsey is also a part of your marriage, you’ll appreciate that after spending my afternoon calling on the phone- and I did speak with women on every call- I changed our insurance, garbage pick-up, etc. and we are saving a thousand dollars a year thanks to my efforts. Ok, $999.57 but I round up!)

  8. It is definitely more a Utah thing. I don’t remember having issues with this in Cali. My hubby is pretty handy, which is why I keep him around! Well, maybe for other reasons too… but don’t tell him that.

  9. So like…did you get your Money back? And yes…I agree….those darn punks are necessary once in awhile.

  10. So its not that women can’t do things, we don’t want to and the man should. That is chivalry. Sometimes they need to be reminded, they should fix something, kill the bug, rake the yard. Not only is it easier for them, It is chivalrous (aka sexy). I don’t need a strip tease, I need a man to step up, just because.

  11. Yes. Yes. I know people should treat me the same but I know they won’t and I’d rather not hassel with the steps just to know that my hubby could have saved me the headache in the first place (and a little self respect since I hate it when I can tell people aren’t taking me seriously).

  12. Oh! And I’m super glad to hear that you got the washer money back!

  13. Ahh alright I guess I’ll think about keeping a man around the house more.
    Although I swear I get the better deals.

  14. Exactly! I hate it when my husband wants me to make calls like that. I’m glad you got your money back.

    Good to meet you today. I wish I could have been able to get to know you better. Your blog is delightful!

  15. This is one of my favorite posts yet because its SOOOO true. Men are a necessary evil…I feel the same way about cars. When my hubby asks me to get an oil change I cringe, because the mechanic always comes in and says we some some “part” for the car. I’ve been screwed more than once and now he agrees he needs to do it. pheww….I couldn’t agree more.