Santa who? Crazy Love Michael Buble is coming to town!

So I’m driving down the road this afternoon when suddenly, I hear it. The announcer says the most magical words I have ever heard in my life: Michael Buble is coming to Salt Lake City. And I live here.

That’s right, he’s coming here to see me.

He must have finally got one of my emails. As a True Fan, and president of the local unofficial fan club (at the moment there are three of us, our third member is only 14 though, so we’re not sure she counts), I am pleased to say that after all my efforts, I have personally succeeded in bringing Michael to Utah.

You’re welcome.

See, he thinks I'm funny.

I have to be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever find a musician that makes my heart keep rhythm the way Neil Diamond does, but once Michael was on the scene, my entire world changed. Seriously, have you seen this boy sing? And he’s even in my age bracket, so it’s not like I’m crushing on some minor werewolf boy. Hey, with Michael Buble and his Crazy Love tour around, who needs a fictional character anyway? Jacob, what a stupid, fake name.

So the big question is, how will I get some alone time with Michael Buble? And do you think Jason would mind if Michael Buble and I went out on a date? And Michael Buble sang to me? Then let me sing with him, Michael Buble, whose name I can’t seem to stop saying because even the letters are hot? (Oh gosh, I think I have to add that singing part to my dream board. All that stuff is going to come true, BTW. I saw it on a talk show.)

So Michael, darling, if you’re reading this blog post (and I know you are), get your cute little self to Salt Lake City as fast as that tour bus will carry you. And don’t forget who’s taking you home–you just haven’t met me yet.

(ps – in case you’re wondering, he looks an awful lot like my husband + hair, so Jason doesn’t really mind that I have a Thing for him–he takes it as a compliment.)


  1. Seriously Annie you’ve got to stop all this drooling over other men. As stated before in your drool drizzle on Jacob my computer is shorting out again because of all the drool, drool drool!

  2. You are a very funny human. My kids fave MB song is the Spiderman extended remix. It’s one of the most-played songs on my iPod. Big Band Spiderman. You really must try it.

  3. I can respect this crush. At least he’s not a manwhore like Mayer.

  4. I would so join your fan club! Love the Buble!!! Enjoy the concert!!!

  5. I like Buble…but if I’m going to crush on any amazing and talented singer, it has to be Josh Groban!

  6. OMG, I had no idea he was so hott! (Yes, that’s hot with two t’s. It shows the TRUE meaning of hotness!)

    I seriously thought he looked like that pansy Josh Groban so I never took the time to crush on anything but the voice, but now…. woo!

  7. As President of his fan club, and his almost new BFF, do you think you could get him to make a stop in little ole’ Central Point Oregon??

    • annie valentine says:

      I’ll see what I can do, Kari. He does kind of owe me one (for posting pictures of him on my blog).

  8. Annie, you crack me up!

  9. I saw him perform on Dancing with the Stars this season and that’s when I fell in love. It was the wink that did me in…no one can pull it off better than he did.

  10. Annie–
    I’ll be the newest member to join your club…I have had the minor hots for him for a couple or three albums now! And I love that he actually sings plus doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. Thanks for writing (and posting photos of him) about him. MMMMmmm. I feel better already. When is he coming by the way? I haven’t heard anything but weather and traffic on the radio for days. Thanks!

    Keep up the _real_ world take on life!

  11. Would you disrespect me if I told you that I don’t even know any of his songs? But he looks nice….mmm… sure are lucky to be married to a bald Mr Buble.

  12. You have great taste!!! If I understand correctly FM 100.3 is giving away tickets. You had better look into it, and then invite me to go with you!!!!
    By the way….Josh Groban has a similar affect on me as Michael.
    I saw the best PBS program when he started making fun of Josh Groban, and I was like, taking some chances there Michael, and then Josh Groban came out on stage. Then they took turns trying to sing like the other one.
    It was great. I wonder if they would ever come in concert together?!?!?

  13. Oh…sorry I forgot to say, sorry I missed Tuesday. I bet it was fun!!

  14. It IS kinda hot the way Buble just rolls off your tongue–right!!
    He has a great voice. But I am not as CRAZY for him as you are, so when I come to Salt Lake City, I will try not to budge in on your time.

    I am so excited I leave tomorrow for SLC to see my kids and grandkids —and maybe M.Buble if he is there (tee,hee). Have to leave my hubby behind though and that sucks with it being our first Christmas together and all.

    so, go run a hot “buble bath” and put on one of his C.D’s
    have a great Christmas

  15. I have to agree with the above poster 🙂 If I’m going to crush on an amazingly talented singer, it’s going to be Josh Groban. All though I do like some Buble. (Though I think I only know one song… hm..)

  16. Oh wow! That is awesome! Love him too! Enjoy the concert but remember to take a bib with you to mop up all the drool! LOL

  17. I man that sings like he does should not be that goodlooking. I mean really. Where is the fairness in that?

  18. I suppose he’s not bad looking… but that last picture is totally saying, “minor werewolf boy” to me.

  19. Thank you, Annie. Thank you so much. =]

  20. I do not look like buble. I have a fat face, and I am bald. Keep on dreaming. Also, this is your Christmas present as I already got you a ticket. No surprise this year. Sorry.

  21. Perfect, you can have your Micheal. Hugh (Jackman) and I will just play his CD in the background while we’re having our alone time.

  22. Oh how I would love to go to a concert of his! I would go see Josh Groban too. I already told my husband that he is more than welcome to get me tickets if either of those two come in concert here…which they better!!

  23. Annie–you’re such a hoot! Gotta love you and totally enjoy your blogs and weekly column. Keep up the good work–its such a treat! and yes . . . Michael Buble is swwwweeeeet!

  24. Annie, I just made Phillip get his hair cut. I had him give very specific instructions to his stylist that he have a “Michael Buble” cut. I’m kind of in love with him too.

  25. love him too..what a wonderful voice

  26. lorraine says:

    im falling for this guy.. like i never fell before

  27. Wow!!!! Beautiful pictures of Michael Buble handsome man!!

  28. FrankieG says:

    Ran into this site by accident (searching Michael Buble and found a whole lot of him here ;). Very witty site…think I’ll come back and visit from time to time.

    Thanks all

  29. claudia mc donagh says:

    michael has got to be 1 if not the best lookin man i have very scene in my life i love him to bits

  30. hahahaha i seriously laughed put loud when i read this. Great Writing plus Im a huge MB fan!! Gotta love it


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