Ramstein is in Germany

I just realized that I wasn’t totally clear; it’s Germany, not Turkey. We’re going to Germany!!! Hooray!!!!


  1. My mom spent her high school years in Kaiserslaten (sp?) My FIL lives in Poland…if you’re ever in need of a tour guide- he loves it!

  2. holy canoli! that IS news. 🙂
    my hubby came through there on his way back home from iraq after becoming disabled. craziness. he spent oodles of time at landstuhl where they told him he had cancer. but i’m thinking you’ll have more fun there than he did. lol. exciting and congrats on the adventure!

  3. I’m happy/jealous/overjoyed/excited/etc…for you! We’ll have to get together before you go!

  4. Thank you so much for clarifying that. Best of luck.

  5. We LOVE Germany. We were stationed at Ramstein. You’re gonna love it. And your kids are gonna love it. Have some friends who are stationed there now – that are familiar with the ward and where the good housing is. Email me if want some more info. 🙂

  6. Well…at least I’m not the only one who thought it was Turkey:) I guess you can have fun visiting Turkey.

  7. I think it’s been at least a month since I last told you how much I

    H*A*T*E you.

    You know Barb was there for a gazillion years, right? They had a MONSTER huge house and she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved the schools.

    Cry me a river. I’m still in the armpit of America.

  8. Yes, and Rammstein is from Germany. That was my tipoff. That and the fact that Ramstein doesn’t sound remotely Turkish. EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I looked it up and you’re pretty far from Poland, but we’ll be in touch in case we can figure out a way to throw ourselves a massive blog party! 🙂

    • annie valentine says:

      Lisaway, we are so totally coming to see you. It was one of the first things I told my husband.

      • My neighbor was from Poland and she and her family took turns driving every few months so It couldn’t be to bad of a drive lol. I can’t remember how far it was now though and then Ramstein is an extra 2 hours from where I was.

  9. My sister was stationed in Germany recently (then she got deployed. again). She lived there before she had kids too- and she loves it there. I’m a little jealous- enjoy some spaetzle for me.

  10. Oh, well that’s great news for you, too! Although I think you would have loved Turkey, and wow! what a unique experience that would have been for you. But I know Germany is where your heart was, so I’m very happy for you! (Not only that, but I don’t think I ever would have made it to Turkey to visit, but I’m going to try, try, try to get to Germany! How could I not??)

  11. Happy, happy! ( I used one, too).
    Wonderbar. Isn’t that German? Or maybe just a Canadian chocolate bar. Either way, I’m excited for you guys and all your little ones. Big adventure. 🙂

  12. Wow! I’m speechless, obviously not comment-less, but speechless. Congratulations!

  13. Im excited for you 🙂 Will you be able to have access to the military bases for shopping and stuff? Now you guys will have to go to the monkey park! I remember it only being a few hours away, its right on the edge of France. Always so cool to say you’ve been to france! But anyways they have monkeys everywhere at this park and they just run around free and you get to walk around and check them out. Emily was in awe, we all were. mmmm doners and german chocolate! mmmmmm

  14. How long will you be there? We are putting Germany on our short list next year when my husband graduates.

  15. Hubby was stationed in Germany in the mid to late 90’s. We had a great time. There is so much to see & do plus you are surrounded by Everything! You will be so close to France & there is great shopping @ this little french grocery store just over the border. Plus the crystal & the castles & just everything! Is is bad if I confess to being a little bit jealous & wishing we could go w/ y’all? You guys are going to have a blast!

  16. Annie…. my sister lives there! She is amazing. You two would be fabulous friends! When Christmas is over, call me! We can chat about Germany (I’m going over there July or August.) Merry Christmas!