Blog Housewarming

After months of planning and thinking and budgeting ¬†and looking, I can now officially welcome you to, my very own website! No, you have not been rerouted, and no, it’s not just a pretty new header, this is the real deal–my own legit domain. Self-hosted, professionally manufactured, and happily ever after.


Honestly, I’m not good at computers, but when I first met Jessica, The Pixelista, I had the feeling she was just the talent I was looking for. And talented she is. Thanks to her dedication (and believe me, this project took some serious loyalty and effort on her part), I am now the happy owner of my very own big girl website. Did you notice the little hearts? I love the hearts. That was Jessica’s idea, because she gets me like that.

Jessica usually works in animated graphics, but when I told her I wanted real photos she was totally in. My best friend Tricia took the photos, I sent them to Jessica and voila! She came up with a header that is sleek, professional, and breezy. It’s exactly what I wanted, only better. She even nailed the fonts.

I picked a self-hosted blog because I want to be the master of my domain. I was ready to break away from the wordpress umbrella and be self-hosted, something Jessica is set up to do. Seriously, the girl can do everything. She not only did the graphics, but has transferred years of posts and comments over to this new site (not an easy feat). She’s brilliant graphically, and she’s brilliant technically.

And for the record, I am not getting any kind of deal or price cut for telling you why I love her, I’m telling you because you should know. It’s hard to find someone who can do everything just the way you want it; she’s that someone for me.

In April¬†The Pixelista is giving away a custom blog design, and if I were you I’d jump on that website as fast as possible. She’s not only talented, but she’s willing to stick with a project no matter how bumpy it gets. Mine was kind of like a mine field.

Check her out, and welcome to! Change it in your reader (if you like it here), and check out my new button on the sidebar. I bet it would love to come visit your blog…


  1. The new site is beautiful. Love it. Congratulations!

  2. Oooh! It’s so pretty!

  3. I love it! It has your hint of slutty classy on it.

  4. Absolutely FABULOUS, just like you! And it already switched in my reader, so no worries. I will continue to stalk you. I am updating your button in my sidebar. Who wouldn’t want your gorgeous face gracing her site?

  5. Very classy—I love it. And I’m kinda really jealous of the sassy pink shoes.

  6. Woo-woo! Look at saucy little you! Love it. Well done.

  7. It really is beautiful over here. I love the simplicity of it all.

  8. So loving this site. The hearts are awesome, as are your keys, big diamond and pink heels. So perfect. Really love the picture of you at the top and the font for your name. Everything came together beautifully.

  9. LOVE IT!!! I know you don’t know me, but I love your blog (now site)!!! I found you years ago when you were selling t-shirts for the Twilight premier… Looking forward to many more years of reading!

  10. Annie, I love it. It looks so good! I think she did an amazing job for you!!

  11. Lovely!

  12. It looks great, congrats!

  13. Well, I personally think that the new site sucks!
    Ha-totally kidding! I love it and i want to win one, so I can be just like you!
    I only said it sucks so I could be different from everybody else that has commented. Of course, I am still working up the courage to be more like Christina! It’s good to have goals, right?
    Love it all! Except that there is no little button to push to shoot you an email. Would you mind shooting me an email-so I can “fully” stalk you? Oh and ask you about 23 questions. Thanks in advance!
    Happy Thursday!

  14. Elegant, warm, classy, inviting… Beautiful!

  15. **sniff**
    My little girl is all grown up! Congratulations! Now don’t go gettin’ too big for yer britches. Just remember– I knew ya when and I will get all ghetto on you if ya ferget where ya dun come frum! Chuck County in the house!
    (That nearly fried my brain to speak like someone from SoMd! Congratulations Annie! Couldn’t be prouder.)

  16. Congratulations! It’s beautiful! Love!!

  17. It looks awesome! How fun! Congrats!

  18. It’s lovely here! I loved seeing you yesterday!!