Party maybe?

I am really really moving. The packers are here as we speak, boxing up my rooms faster than I can sort through my old video box. This is happening way too fast.

So. Since I am leaving Utah and since this is where I first started blogging, I’m thinking it would be nice to have a little gathering. What I want to know is this: Are there any bloggers out there, those I have met or haven’t met, that might want to hit a Chuck-a-Rama with me in two weeks for a little goodbye get together?

If it’s just going to be me and Kristina, that’s fine, but I would really love to meet some of the women I’ve come to admire and respect on the web, as well as those who don’t blog but think we’d be fast friends in person.

What think you? Want to come feed your face with me? I know a place with a big banquet room…


  1. I would be happy to see you and Kristina

  2. Oh, I really wish i could be there. I think AZ is just a little far away to make it. Where ever you are moving, I hope you find friends! I hope you love it. I hope it is simply amazing for you.

  3. I’m in. Totally.

  4. You are a party animal. I’d love to see you again before you go to Germany. I need a friend who has access to good chocolate and Nativity displays.

    I’m only half kidding.

    Let me know the details when you have them.

  5. A little insulted you didn’t mention me since, you know, we’ve chatted about a get-together for a while now. 😉 I’d love to come!

  6. I would LOVE to be there. Just lemme know which “Chuck” to meet at and when…

  7. I’m there. Name the date and venue.

  8. I totally want to. I never got to meet you for a Biggest Loser party, so why not a stuff your face party?

  9. Send me details. I’ll do what I can to be there.

  10. Oh, even if I lived in Utah I’m not sure I could handle Chuck-a-Rama AND you at one time. Too much greatness. (You think I’m kidding about the restaurant half of that, but there are NO buffet style restaurants in Poland. Especially not the kind that serve American food. I doubt they have them in Germany either, so EAT UP!! 🙂

  11. Kristina P. says:

    Yay for ChuckARama! It’s really not a party without the potential to get Hepatitis A.

  12. I’ll come, but only if we meet 4:00PM so we get the lunch price but the dinner food. Hepatitis A? Bring it!

  13. Heck yeah! Fun people, no kids, and no one watching how many times I hit the dessert bar? I am totally there!

  14. Although I’m sure you don’t admire or respect me, I totally want to come anyway.

  15. I would LOVE to join you!
    When? Where?

  16. i would love to come. we don’t know each other, but i read your blog regularly and bought a Twilight shirt from you for my daughter awhile back 🙂

    let me know if it’s on and where 🙂