Using the Think Method to unpack

Today marks one week in this house and I think I’m finally starting to come up for air. Actually that’s a bunch of bull, I’m just getting really good at avoiding the mess.

This morning I spent almost an hour in the bathroom primping. See, my bathroom gets really good light and I have this magnifying mirror that is both fascinating and slightly terrifying, depending on the time of day. I stood there in the morning light and poured over my pores for about twenty minutes. I tweezed and masked and basked in the high intensity reflection until there was nothing left to pick at. It was awesome.

Then I emerged and found that fairies did not, in fact, unpack any boxes for me. So much for that theory.

But the sun was shining and I was feeling frisky (this is code for scared to death that I might get a cardboard paper cut on some crucial vein and die before I could remember the German number for 911), so I packed up the kiddos and headed into town for a little local shopping. Unfortunately I forgot that today is a national holiday–remember the wall? This is when it came down–and had to do most of my money changing on base.

Did I come home once the shopping was done? Of course not, I invited Jason to join us for a picnic lunch in the autumn sunshine. He cautiously met me, wisely choosing not to inquire after the 47 boxes labeled “home decor” that I’m too afraid to open.

I’ve decided that the only way I’m ever going to get this unpacking pot a boiling is if I give myself some sort of grandiose goal. That’s right, we’re having a Halloween party. Hey, if all else fails and the house isn’t in order, it will make a fantastic spook alley. I’ll just put on a black light and let people stumble around the half emptied boxes trying to find their way to the bathroom.

We’re going to live here a looong time, I have faith that everything will find it’s place. I’m not giving up on the fairies just yet.


  1. I’m sorry. The fairies are busy in my home decluttering and hauling things to the garage for our garage sale this Saturday. Wait, I take that back. I’ve been doing all the decluttering and hauling. Those fairies went out for a break on day one and didn’t come back!

  2. Sounds like I’ve been using the,” Think Method” to do laundry for years now. But one day those laundry faeries WILL appear…I…ohhh, clearance sale at Target.

  3. well of course you should never give up on the fairies. Sounds like a great Halloween Party. How long do you expect to be there actually???
    just do a box a day….who cares, it’ll get done when it gets done
    and YES, magnifying mirrors are ghastly…so why do I insist of using them…cause I can’t Freaking see.

  4. We have a laundry fairy. Husband mentions her weekly. (As in, “I’m so glad the Laundry Fairy has been here…”) If Germany were closer, I’d haul all your unopened home decor boxes off to Emily’s garage sale. If you haven’t opened it yet, you don’t need it. (Oh, wait. That’s ME. Because I’ve lived in this house for 10+ years, and I don’t decorate. Whatever.)

  5. hee hee hee…. i need fairies in the absolute worst way! not for boxes per say…… well okay, yes there are still some boxes from moving in here over 18 months ago. but i was thinking more for the epic laundry overtaking my home since i haven’t any spare time to wrestle with it lately. ::hugs:: happy halloween party-planning!

  6. But did you find your shoes?